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Asimily's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Free Cyber Resilience and Insight platform
Secure, monitor, and track your critical medical device resources

Asimily is offering the Insight platform at no cost to health systems for 120 days to help them with their inventory, cybersecurity, and operational needs for medical and connected devices.

Asimily is assisting health systems with COVID-19 response by providing valuable insights into essential details relating to critical medical device inventory, utilization, and location tracking, as well as performance metrics of the devices and potential IT network elements impacts.

Advantages aiding pandemic response efforts:

  • Supports multiple key stakeholders (clinicians, clinical engineering, IT/Security) to ensure organizational responsibility and accountability is available to support response.
  • Detailed information of device inventory, as new devices are delivered and quickly onboarded, understand how many and where devices are available to support patients.
  • Managing device utilization, devices that are coming online, and passive monitoring to understand how well the devices are utilized during this time, balance resources.
  • Track devices to make sure the hospital can locate all their equipment and detect devices getting stolen or leaving their hospital; ensure availability of resources.
  • Monitoring for misconfigurations and potential cyberthreats with real time anomaly detection and alerts; flexible policy triggers for detailed proactive awareness of issues.

Asimily is continuing to protect the health system environment so that healthcare providers can focus on their core job of servicing the patient during this time of need.

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