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Aunt Bertha's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Resources for helping people find emergency help programs,including food assistance, financial help, school assistance, and more

At Aunt Bertha, we are responding immediately to needs of all of our healthcare customers and the general public through our emergency response team.

  • Austin-based Aunt Bertha quickly created findhelp.org, a brand-new site focused on helping people during the crisis. This includes help for all staff of customers as well as the general public. We have directed much of our data and network teams to find the emergency COVID-19 programs, including food assistance, financial help, school-assistance, and more. Anyone can use the term covid19 to find these emergency programs quickly and for free. You can also share this among your own networks!
  • We are supporting all of our customers by listing the internal programs they are creating so their staff members have help and one place to go to find programs internally.
  • We are also creating flyouts on many of our customers’ sites to help direct people to customer emergency websites. So far, 55 of our healthcare customers have set up the flyouts to direct people to their emergency response sites.
  • Our community engagement team is assigned to help nonprofit organizations during this time of need, so if our customers have nonprofit partners that need help creating screening forms, or eligibility processes, we are here to build them and update information like capacity to streamline processing and support.

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