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Credible's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Behavioral health EMR
Free 90-day access to behavioral health EMR as well as various offerings to help current customers respond to and manage care during the COVID-19 crisis

Credible, in partnership with Change Healthcare, is providing immediate assistance to behavioral healthcare agencies now challenged with remote staff, telehealth documentation, and billing complexities by offering agencies free 90-day access to the Credible behavioral health EHR. Agencies can quickly shift from paper documentation to an electronic solution to support the swift documentation and payment of claims as providers implement remote and/or telework strategies to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 while addressing rapidly growing community behavioral health needs.

Credible’s commitment to its mission of improving the quality of care in behavioral health will provide providers large and small with a secure, proven, and easy-to-use solution for simplified documentation, efficient billing if needed, and full client/family portal access. Within 72 hours, your agency can be reaping the benefits of the proven Credible system:

  • Ability to access your EHR from remote, non-office locations both with and without internet connection
  • Ability to communicate electronically with staff and clients
  • Create and track electronic prescriptions and refills
  • Document and provide clinical services either remotely (telehealth), in crisis situations, or in traditional settings
  • Ability for clients to sign “paperwork” (electronic forms) and documents remotely
  • Receive a pre-configured electronic health record for your agency designed to support the provision of critical clinical services
  • Obtain contracting and access to submit claims electronically to over 2,000 payers nationwide through one of the nation’s premiere clearing houses for billing and claims
  • Ability for supervisors and physicians to oversee and approve clinical services for continued licensure compliance
  • Ability to monitor and oversee the clinical and ancillary service provided by your now remote workforce
  • Receive at no cost implementation and enrollment support in enrolling with Medicaid and Medicare for claims submission, essentially enabling electronic claim submissions within 2–3 weeks of contracting

For existing customers, Credible is offering the following resources and services:

  • Free language translation services
  • Free mobile offering for 30 days
  • Free advanced security for 30 days
  • Optimization of network configurations to support remote work and telehealth
  • New forms and reports relevant to COVID-19
  • Regular state and resource updates
  • Partner forum discussions

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