GHR RevCycle Workforce (formerly HCTec HIM Division)



GHR RevCycle Workforce (formerly HCTec HIM Division)'s Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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GHR RevCycle Workforce
Remote UR case managers, coders, and CDI specialists for short- and long-term support

GHR RevCycle Workforce provides remote UR case managers, remote coders, and remote CDI specialists for short- and long-term support coverage.

Additionally, our newest program, On-Demand Utilization Review, provides on-demand, remote relief coverage by UR RNs experienced in InterQual and Milliman medical sets. All services are based on a per chart basis.

In uncertain times, you need a partner you can depend on:

  • All of our experienced professionals are fully vetted and tested
  • We do not require case minimums or guaranteed volume
  • Work is audited by our internal compliance team before release
  • We provide 24/7 coverage supporting nights and weekends with no shift differentials
  • All remote consultants are 100% U.S. domestic based
  • GHR RevCycle Workforce meets all HIPAA and NIST requirements for workstation security

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