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Kyruus's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Kyruus ProviderMatch and KyruusOne
Patient facing provider search and scheduling for healthcare organizations’ websites

Kyruus ProviderMatch for Consumers enables health systems to offer a dynamic, consumer-friendly provider search-and-scheduling experience on their websites. In addition to facilitating provider search and scheduling, the solution also allows health systems to display urgent care, retail clinic, and virtual care options, so consumers can navigate to the right care options based on their specific needs. In terms of virtual care, health systems can customize a virtual care profile to display in ProviderMatch search results when consumers search for applicable terms, making it easy for them to understand when this is an option and how to access it. The profile has a customized call-to-action button, which can link out to either an internal or third-party landing page. Kyruus is currently waiving integration fees around virtual care.

The company’s provider data management platform, KyruusOne, forms the foundation of the ProviderMatch solutions, powering them with robust and accurate provider data. KyruusOne includes a physician-curated clinical taxonomy with more than 20,000 search terms, including clinical terms and their related synonyms. Kyruus’ clinical team has updated this taxonomy to enable customers to configure provider profiles to indicate providers who see patients for coronavirus symptoms and, in turn, show them in the ProviderMatch search results. Consumers can search using terms like “coronavirus,” “COVID-19,” and “novel coronavirus” to obtain appropriate matches. Health systems can also opt to configure their settings to show alternative sites of care or virtual care options for these terms.

Kyruus also recently formed a partnership with GYANT to collaborate on enabling patient-provider matching and scheduling within a chat-based experience, building on GYANT’s navigation and triage functionality. GYANT has announced the availability of a COVID-19 Screener and Emergency Response Assistant, which health systems can deploy quickly to provide patients with curated CDC or WHO educational content and a virtual triage option.

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