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Providing Timely Insights

KLAS is providing two reports to providers and vendors to assist in using technology in the fight against COVID-19

Vendor Performance in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

In response to the initial wave of COVID-19, we’ve heard from providers regarding which technology services they have turned to during the crisis. In this report, see which vendors have risen to the occasion and how financial decisions have been impacted.

COVID-19: Technology and services solutions guide

In our first of two reports, get information from over 200 vendors on how their HIT tools may help providers during this crisis. The report covers both IT and service vendors for telehealth, EMRs, analytics, and more.

COVID-19: Providers’ choice solutions (coming soon)

KLAS is reaching out to providers to learn what products and vendors have been most helpful. Learnings from this research will be published in the next 6-8 weeks as we are able to conduct the needed interviews.

We Need Your Voice

How well are your vendors delivering during this crisis? What are the technology solutions and services that are helping you?

KLAS Insights on

KLAS has three recent reports to help answer your questions regarding telehealth during this pandemic. Our team is also working hard on a COVID-19 specific look at telehealth. Stay tuned!

What are providers saying

What Providers Are Saying

Providers are talking to KLAS about how their vendor solutions are helping them fight COVID-19. As we survey providers about the technology they use, they are also telling KLAS about how their vendor solutions are helping them fight COVID-19. We've compiled their comments on one page for your convenience.

Adjusting Research

We are continuing to evaluate products and services while being sensitive to the demands on provider’s time and energy during this period. We have adjusted research as follows:

  • Research that requires the insight of direct caregivers (physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, etc.) is being deferred to later in the year. We are prioritizing our research around other areas, such as revenue cycle, services engagements, and business intelligence.
  • We will avoid reaching out to the geographical areas hardest hit by the pandemic; we are updating the list as we become aware.
adjusting research

Taking Care of Care Giviers

Taking Care of Caregivers

Through the Arch Collaborative, we are offering to create a brief care-giver survey with summary analysis to help your healthcare organization understand the impact that technology has had in responding to the COVID-19 crisis