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COVID-19 Technology & Services Solutions Guide COVID-19 Technology & Services Solutions Guide
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COVID-19 Technology & Services Solutions Guide

author - Taylor Davis
Taylor Davis
April 7, 2020 | Read Time: 35  minutes

To our provider friends:

You need solutions and you need them fast. We have asked the vendor community to share what they are doing/can do to help your organizations in this crisis. Given the short time frame, KLAS has not validated any of these claims.

We will not waste time with a long introduction—we just hope this helps you. Good luck in the weeks ahead. Reach out to your KLAS representative if we can help you. Thank you for bearing the weight of this crisis. We deeply appreciate your sacrifices.

—The KLAS Team

Technology Solutions

Ambulatory EHR Vendors


athenaPractice (formerly Centricity Practice Solution)
Screening forms, questionnaires, and other resources related to COVID-19


Various COVID-19 resources
Tactical toolsets, education and guidance, and companyreadiness awareness


Various COVID-19 resources
Check-in, Triage, Texting, and Telemedicine App; Coding COVID-19 updates; Webinar series

Greenway Health

Various COVID-19 resources
Templates, workflows, patient engagement tools, education, and guidance specific to COVID-19

Modernizing Medicine

modmed Telehealth
Specialty-specific EHR integrated telehealth platform

NextGen Healthcare

Mobile EHR integration
Remote/mobile EMR access, COVID-19 specific workflows, and other technologies to help ambulatory clinics


COVID-19 Provider Resources
COVID-19 updates, Medicare telehealth templates, fast-tracking of new location requests for telemedicine, and other resources for customers

Ambulatory RCM Services


Auto-claims coding functionality for specific types of appointments and encounters

Ambulatory Surgery

HST Pathways

Capabilities to help support and protect ASCs as they screen surgery candidates for COVID-19



ALERT Online
Online COVID-19 report dashboard and tools

Ambient Clinical Analytics

AWARE platform
Expansion of ICU capabilities to all beds in the hospital giving providers situational awareness through real-time point-of-care access to vital process-of-care information and analytics


Dashboard and reporting tools to help healthcare providers spot patterns, trends, and disease hotspots

Dimensional Insight

Diver Platform COVID-19 toolkit
Measurement and tracking of several facets of COVID-19 data as well as patient data

IMAT Solutions

COVID-19 reporting and analytics
Real-time analytics generated from patient information from all points of care and across the continuum


HealthShare Health Insight
Analytics platform for insights, tracking, and modeling; customer assistance with alerting and dashboard configurations

Iodine Software

Patient Triage and Escalation Support Tool (P-TEST)
Triage support tool designed to better predict at-risk patients for significant pulmonary challenges, ICU admission, and respirator or ECMO support


Centralized analytics for remote locations

Prominence Advisors

COVID Analytics
Off-the-shelf analytics product requiring no implementation or services

Behavioral and Public Health


Remote behavioral health EMR capabilities


Disease surveillance and outbreak management module


Behavioral health EMR
Free 90-day access to behavioral health EMR as well as various offerings to help current customers respond to and manage care during the COVID-19 crisis

Patagonia Health

COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Public Health Management Decision Making Tool
Automatically categorize patients’ risk level and save the results directly to the patient record

Capacity Management, Location & Tracking

Care Logistics

Capacity management solutions
Maximize capacity and throughput so your organization experiences fewer bed shortages and has visibility to know where you can send patients


Automated patient room and staff assignments via command center and capacity management solutions; environmental monitoring to prevent spread of infection

GE Healthcare

Express Command Center
Match patients to critical resources dynamically in real time

Hospital IQ

Regional Capacity and Resource Surveillance solution
Capacity planning and monitoring of resources across a health system

Regional Forecast Dashboard
Free regional forecast dashboard to help hospitals plan for patient surges


Mobile command center for COVID-19 response
Capacity management, census tracking, and system-wide supply planning


ASSIGN for Physicians
Solution that automates the complexities of daily physician-to-patient assignments to improve safety and outcomes


In-Hospital Emergency Response
Instantly report on available beds, equipment in use, COVID-related patients, and more


Nobl Rounding Platform
Bed expansion, audits for cleaning processes and protocols, and rounding processes to help address staff concerns and questions


The Rothman Index platform COVID-19 update
Capacity management specifically aimed at helping health systems address the anticipated influx of patients

STANLEY Healthcare

Wireless Nurse Call and Real-Time Location Solutions
Specially designed bundled offerings to address COVID-19 related use cases: emergency/nurse Call, asset management, inventory management, and environmental monitoring


Capacity management dashboard
Roll-up of critical information to provide visibility and real-time situational awareness across the health system

Clinical Decision Support & Surveillance

Cambio Healthcare Systems

CDS resources
Clinical decision support to triage and track COVID-19 patients; virtual care platform within the EMR 

Capsule Technologies

Ventilated patient surveillance workstation
Ventilation surveillance software that can extend the reach of staff over the full range of mechanically ventilated patients by remote monitoring


Novel Coronavirus Information Center
Access to up-to-date research, reference, and clinical and patient resources related to COVID-19


COVID-19 Decision Support solution
Free web-based solution to help clinicians in the trenches diagnose and treat COVID-19

IBM Watson Health

treatment decisions and patient conversations related to COVID-19 


RN Professional Suite
Clinical decision support dataset to help caregivers make informed decisions related to COVID-19

Stanson Health

Clinical decision support
COVID-19 clinical decision support capabilities that will help frontline providers identify patients most at risk for severe illness


COVID-19 alerts
Alerts for real-time case identification

Wolters Kluwer

Recommendations and reference material on the treatment of COVID-19

Lippincott nursing resources
Rapid development of curricula to support individual educational paths around COVID-19

Health Language Clinical Interface Terminology
COVID-19 related code and terminology updates for accurate clinician search and documentation

COVID-19 Organizational Readiness Assessment


GetWell Rounds+
Digital rounding and customizable surveys; rapidly assess your organization’s readiness for a public health crisis with real-time data

Verge Health

Compliance Rounding solution
Free resources, including compliance rounding solution with COVID-19 CDC Hospital Preparedness Assessment and CMS Infection Prevention Worksheet

COVID-19 Provider Profile & Communication Platform


Phynd 360
Tracking of provider test results, locations, taxonomies, and profiles so health systems can appropriately track the resources available to combat COVID-19

COVID-19 Research Collaboration & Patient-Data Networks

arivis AG

Research and development resources
Workflows, collaboration, content, imaging, and training to help your organization stay on top of research and development in times of social distancing


Patient Network Explorer
Clinerion offers customers the ability to leverage a patient database to conduct COVID-19 research

IBM Watson Health

IBM Clinical Development
Unified, cloud-based clinical data management system that can help reduce the time and cost of clinical trials and help life sciences bring therapies to market faster


COVID-19 Synthetic Data Repository (a partnership of MDClone and its Global Network)
Sharing of anonymized clinical data to enable collaboration on COVID-19 research and treatment


Oracle Therapeutic Learning System
Clinical trials system to help track and collect all trials for COVID-19 therapeutics

COVID-19 Screening, Tracking, & Care Management


Miya Precision
Dashboard and mobile solution for tracking and monitoring patients

Patientrack COVID-19 Assessments
Clinical documentation support for patient observations and clinical assessments


BESTCare helps track and monitor both patients’ and providers’ risk of COVID-19 through temperature and respiratory symptoms and remotely monitors patients who have been diagnosed

Health for Development (H4D)

The Consult Station
Connected medical booth for detection and triage to protect medical staff and contain the spread of COVID-19


Digital screening and intake management solution for COVID-19


COVID-19 screening solution for oncology practices


COVID-19 Patient Scheduling and Screening Template
Manage high volumes of test requests and provide efficient testing with minimal physical contact


Various COVID-19 related resources
AI-driven screening and triage tools; predictive clinical analysis and planning


Crisis Response Suite
Minimize community spread of COVID-19

Customer Relationship Management


Salesforce Care for Health: Care Response Solution
Free access to technology for emergency response teams, care management teams, health systems, health insurers, and other healthcare and life sciences organizations

Data Management


Patient Pathway Plus
Track the cancellation and re-scheduling of elective care

Emergency & Urgent Care

ER Express

Emergency & urgent care
Queuing technology that helps ERs, urgent care facilities, and walk-in facilities preserve social distancing

Enterprise EHR Vendors


Various COVID-19 resources
Telehealth solutions, real-time dashboards, daily results reporting, hospital capacity planning, and other resources related to COVID-19


Order sets and social history questions aligned to CDC’s COVID-19 best practice recommendations

Staff augmentation, virtual training, and other resources related to COVID-19


Various COVID-19 resources
COVID-19 specific updates to Millennium, testing and triage functionality, public health reporting, patient education, consumer engagement, and telehealth


Evident Telehealth
Free advanced telehealth solution until 2021


Various COVID-19 resources
Functionality to support alternative care facilities, drivethrough testing, MyChart symptom checker, video visits, and data analytics


Expanse Ambulatory and the Patient Portal
Clinical decision support, virtual visits, COVID-19workflows, and other resources for customers

Identity & Access Management

Identity Automation

RapidIdentity MFA & RapidIdentity SSO portal
Access management platform to help organizations keep their data secure while employees work from home


Single sign-on capabilities that enable hospital staff to quickly access workstations, applications, and virtual desktops

Identity Governance
Manage system access for new, temporary, or newly remote staff members

Imaging & Oncology

Agfa HealthCare

Enterprise Imaging
Point-of-care image acquisition, zero-footprint diagnostic viewing, and physician/radiologist collaboration and communication


Patient Imaging Portal
Eliminate the need for hard copies of images and allow for the diagnosing of images through a remote PACS

Telehealth for imaging
Eliminate the need for hard copies of images and allow for the diagnosing of images through a remote PACS

red dot
Chest x-ray AI solution to aid in diagnosis of patients suspected to have COVID-19 


Vendor-agnostic cloud-based application for collaboration


Complimentary consultations with workflow experts to help support community oncology practices OncologyOncology

GE Healthcare

Edison Datalogue Connect
Remote access to shared images and remote viewing capabilities

Imaging Insights
Improved visibility utilization & throughput, quality & consistency, patient experience, and physician referrals


NilRead - PACSgear Image Link Encounter Workflows
Vendor-agnostic, web-based access to DICOM images; quickly capture images in the emergency department or other triage location

IBM Watson Health

Various imaging-related COVID-19 resources
Remote image viewing, hosting, sharing, storing, and access


Reporting PLUS+
Remotely read exams and create imaging reports


Free volume increases for existing PowerShare spoke facilities and access for new spoke facilities for 60 days

PowerScribe 360 - PowerScribe One
Free PowerScribe Mobile Radiologist 90-day licenses for PowerScribe 360 customers; free virtual support to setup PowerScribe 360 and PowerScribe One for at-home or remote reading


PowerServer RIS/ PACS cloud solution
Enable radiologists and referring physicians to collaborate on patient diagnosis


Identify and track development of GGO lesions, offer insights into COVID-19 severity, enable quick and effective diagnosis, triage, and evaluation of patients

Infection Control & Monitoring

First Solutions

Epidemiological surveillance circuits and control of healthcare-associated infections

Harris Healthcare

Harris Infection Control/Antimicrobial
Real-time data related to patients’ COVID-19 status and condition

Uniphy Health enterprise-level clinical mobility platform
Secure clinical alerts regarding COVID-19 test results and patient symptoms


Access logs to determine whether providers have accessed workstations in areas of the hospital that have been exposed to infection 


Custom alerts for COVID-19 and notifying infection preventionists of patients who are at risk, under investigation, or have a positive test result 


Infection control
Incident form templates, library of COVID-19 policies, and other relevant resources and best practices

Wolters Kluwer

Clinical surveillance resources for COVID-19

Interactive Patient Systems


Patient Experience Platform
Automated educational content, RTLS integration, interactive surveys, meal ordering, and other educational and interactive resources for patients

Digital Patient Door Display & Digital Signage
EHR-integrated digital patient door display, up-to-the-minute digital signage


GetWell Inpatient
Community awareness, infection prevention, and critical patient communication 


Oneview Cloud for COVID-19
Enhance patient-clinician and patient-family communication

Sonifi Health

Interactive patient solutions
Interactive patient engagement tools to help educate patients about changes and recommendations related to COVID-19

TeleHealth Services

TeleHealth Services Outcomes Team
Video message campaign providing medically accurate coronavirus information

Internal Communication


Various COVID-19 resources
Text analytics solution and employee collaboration platform 


Microsoft Power Platform Template Application for Crisis Communications
Coordinate internal information sharing and team collaboration in response to evolving conditions in times of crisis

Microsoft Power Virtual Agent Crisis FAQ Bot
Customizable chat interface for disseminating COVID-19 information


Healthcare Workforce Pulse
Quickly gather and respond to employee feedback 

Interoperability Platforms


Data platform technology
Alerts for COVID-19 related triggers as well as additional COVID-19 related responses

J2 Global

Consensus healthcare interoperability platform
Free access to on-demand patient-record query through Consensus healthcare interoperability platform


Interoperability platform
Connect to virtually any source system and create a modern API for data exchange

Laboratory Solutions


4medica Alerts and Reporting System
Lab analytics solution to support rapid treatment, prevention and spread

Orchard Software

Laboratory solutions
Rules engine facilitates advanced workflows that help laboratories quickly process, reflex, and route specimens; capabilities to conduct and monitor QC/QA activities for COVID-19 testing

Medical Equipment


Various COVID-19 diagnostic, triage, and monitoring solutions
Medical devices, supplies, and communication solutions to help diagnose and treat COVID-19 patients

Patient Access

Change Healthcare

Various COVID-19 resources
Optimize revenue cycle operations, provide patient-centered access, and create an effective action plan for revenue recovery


Maintain optimal check-in throughput during times of increased case load; track patients’ interactions with staff and care providers to track potential transmission of COVID-19


Integrated Patient Access Solution
Patient access functionality to make patient interactions easier, faster, and more accurate

TransUnion Healthcare

Financial Assistance Screening & Insurance Eligibility
Reduce bad debt and identify more charity care-eligible patients in the wake of the pandemic

Patient Engagement


Risk management AI program that helps manage clinical risks of coronavirus and demands of social distancing 

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

COVID-19 Pediatric Assessment Tool
Free comprehensive assessment, including video and audio, parents and caregivers can use to determine whether a child needs medical attention


COVID-19 selfassessment tool
Free conversational AI assistant to address common questions about COVID-19 and guide patients through a self-assessment


DrDoctor Patient Engagement
Platform improves the quality, value, and timeliness of every interaction between hospitals and patients, by moving care online and automating routine tasks


The Theon Platform for Care Management
Free assessment and triage of patients seeking COVID-19 information, resources, and care


GetWell Practice
Identify at-risk patients and address urgent needs

Health Insights

Online MCC COVID-19
Multiple functionalities for population management Management Solution


Healthgrades Coronavirus Chatbot
Free chatbot designed to inform patients about COVID-19 with a symptom checker for patients to use.

Keet Health

Patient engagement platform for monitoring and engaging patients outside the clinic 


Kyruus ProviderMatch and KyruusOne
Patient facing provider search and scheduling for healthcare organizations’ websites

Orca Health

Various COVID-19 resources
COVID-19 patient education, health assessment surveys, and results tracking

Patients Know Best

PKB Remote Platform
Patient-controlled medical record system with telehealth and patient engagement capabilities 


PaxeraHealth: Corona Care
Track, monitor, and engage with those released from a hospital or ED that have confirmed cases of COVID-19


Patient & Family Communication
Engage patients with relevant COVID-19 updates and instructions via text message


COVID-19 Preparedness Tool
Provide patients and caregivers with the most important and latest advice from trusted sources


SR Health initiative
Various patient engagement and communication capabilities related to COVID-19 


EMR embedded patient engagement, non-sevre patient monitoring, pre-check-in, and behavior health tool

Patient Financial Experience


Patient payment and experience
Complete technology solution for payment processing, eligibility, estimation, and patient payments with a concierge services layer


Online patient billing and payment platform
Relief for providers and patients contending with the economic consequences of COVID-19 through tailored bill payment options and communications

Patient Intake Management

Epion Health

Epion PreVisit
Patient intake solution allowing patients to check in using their own mobile devices with COVID-19 screening built in 


Philips Patient COVID-19 Portal
Medical record exchange portal to facilitate patient transfers

Virtual Screening COVID-19 tool
COVID-19 Screening and triage tool

Surgical Information Systems (SIS)

SIS Complete
cloud-based ASC management, clinical documentation including anesthesia, and patient and physician communications solution

Vecna Technologies

Vecna Digital Clipboard
Triage COVID-19 with Vecna Digital Clipboard with streamline triage, patient flow, and patient tracking 

Vecna Mobile App
Pre-registration, check-in, COVID-19 screening from patients phone

Patient Outreach

Aunt Bertha
Resources for helping people find emergency help programs,including food assistance, financial help, school assistance, and more 


Patient outreach resources
Resources to help providers securely communicate and engage with patients around lab results related to COVID-19

Health Talk A.I.

Patient outreach resources
Automated patient outreach platform utilizing text messaging 

HST Pathways

HST Schedule Sharing
Patient text messaging for surgery centers

Luma Health

Broadcast messaging solution
Get the right message and information to patients to allay fears, concerns, and false information


Patient outreach resources
Multichannel broadcast messaging, secure messaging, and chat functionality


COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention Programs
Capabilities for sending educational messages and providing resources and support to keep patients up to date on the latest COVID-19 information and to emphasize individual preventive actions

SPH Analytics

Smart Engagement Platform
Mass communication of customized information via a multimodal platform (text, mail, email, live agent, IVR)

Talksoft, a RevSpring Company

Pre-Service Appointment Reminder and Messaging Platform
Utilize existing technologies to pivot as messaging priorities shift


COVID-19 Pathways
Care-monitoring pathways for providers and patients related to COVID-19 

WELL Health

WELL Rapid Release Program
Unified patient communication through automated broadcast messaging

Wolters Kluwer

COVID-19 overview video, phone outreach, and discharge instructions

Payer Solutions

Change Healthcare

Payer consulting
Remote senior-level healthcare professionals available for various consulting engagements

Various COVID-19 resources
Minimize staffing concerns, reassure members, and manage claims and payments


Health Payer and Claims Management
Mitigate and manage increases in fraud and abuse, changing regulations, and overall volume of work

IBM Watson Health

Health Insights Population Analysis for Payers
Analytics to help employers and health plans understand and plan for COVID-19’s potential impact on their employees/ members and the associated costs to their business

Wolters Kluwer

Health Language Reference Data Management
COVID-19 related standard codes and terminology updates

Pharmacy Surveillance & Infusion Therapy


Various COVID-19 resources
Informatics technology, including real-time notification of test results, drug inventory/shortages, and hospital utilization

Wolters Kluwer

Insights and recommendations to optimize drug therapies, enhance antimicrobial stewardship programs, and manage medication use 

Population Health Management

Altruista Health

COVID-19 assessment for screening patients for COVID-19 and mental health status

Various PHM resources
Tools to help segment populations by their risk level related to COVID-19 and engage patients with relevant patient education

Azara Healthcare

Azara COVID-19 tools
Identification and monitoring of those at risk or sick with COVID-19 


CLiX Unlock
Repository of patient data for identifying high-risk individuals and social factors patients may face 


CV19 Vulnerability Index
Free open source AI-based tool to identify individuals vulnerable to severe complications of COVID-19

Collective Medical

Collective Medical
Alerting tool to notify governments and healthcare organizations to threats arising from COVID-19 and similar infectious diseases 


Healthy Communities Institute
Target vulnerable populations and focus proactive community outreach


Database of patient health interactions at the point of care to support identification of patient risk 


Various PHM resources
Tools to help identify at-risk individuals in the community 


COVID-19 Care Coordinator
Solution for risk stratifying patients and supporting CDS and care coordination

Epimed Solutions

Epimed Monitor ICU Covid-19 dashboard
COVID-19 Monitoring dashboard for ICUs and Hospitals

eQHealth Solutions

eQSuite COVID-19 Assessment Tool and Plan of Care
Assessment tool for identifying, educating, and tracking those at high risk for COVID-19

Forward Health Group

Tracking of COVID-19 screening and clearance in staff and patients
Tracking of emerging populations and measurement of COVID-19 screenings across a progression of phases and risk factors

Health Catalyst

Patient & Staff Tracker - Public Health Surveillance
Enhancement for case detection, reduction of transmission, and management capacity and supplies


COVID-19 patient tracking
Identification and tracking of COVID-19 patients and those in higher-risk categories


Social services infrastructure
Incorporate social services for vulnerable individuals into your clinical ecosystem

Holon Solutions

Deliver critical/relevant knowledge in the workflow at the point of care; coordinate community resources to ensure efficient and comprehensive care delivery

IBM Watson Health

Phytel & Market Expert
Automated solutions to support patient engagement and population health management


Population health management solution
Self-assessments, virtual care, patient education and outreach, and other resources to help with COVID-19


COVID-19 Patient Vulnerability List
Data insights to support a shift from a reactive to proactive pandemic response 


Various population health management resources
Drill down view of case data, community risk-stratification tools, FHIR-based data ingestion, and other resources to fight COVID-19 


Various PHM resources
Risk stratification, care management, patient engagement, and other functionality related to COVID-19


Various PHM resources
Automated and coordinated care communication and tasks 


Aerial solutions
Clinical code updates, telehealth support, COVID-19 care management program, and other COVID-19 related resources 

Medial EarlySign

Identifies patients estimated to be at increased risk of suffering severe complications if infected with coronavirus


Performance Analytics
Identify at-risk populations

Self-help app for cognitive behavioral therapy

Signify Health

Signify Community
Outcomes-focused collaboration platform that connects healthcare and social service providers to address social determinants of health

Post–Acute Care

Cantata Health

Optimum Clinicals
Alerts and visibility for screening and monitoring patient populations 

Dashboard, alerts, monitoring, and other resources related to COVID-19 

CarePort, an Allscripts Company

Manage COVID-19 transition-of-care activities, including post–acute care placement and post-discharge monitoring 


COVID-19 related product information and updates for skilled nursing clients MatrixCare

Home health & hospice
Alerts/notifications, screening tool, secure communication, and other resources relevant to COVID-19


Human capital management resources
Recruit candidates, onboard new employees, reward employee contributions, and help employees who are facing financial strain


WellSky Technology Solutions
Patient-screening tool, infection control documentation, self-assessment form, care coordination, and other COVID19-related resources for post–acute care organizations

WellSky Care Coordination
Analytics-driven technology platform used to deploy and coordinate protocols that free up hospital beds

Remote Education & Training


COVID-19 Training Course for Nurses
Free training course on COVID-19 


eLearning solution that teaches providers to use new equipment if that equipment needs to be shared across organizations 


COVID-19 Global Resource Hub
COVID specific resources and training


Sectra Education Portal
Education resource for organizations to store and share lectures/findings 

Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Care
Keep patients and caregivers connected with voice-centric communication and a unique, secure, two-way cellular console


Early Warning Dashboard
COVID-19 (coronavirus) remote monitoring, surveillance, and tracking solutions

Current Health

Remote patient monitoring platform
Platform that connects with other devices and includes wearable vital-sign sensor, telemedicine capabilities, and symptom chatbot

everis health

ehCOS RemoteHS for COVID-19
Facilitates a remote home care strategy, provides information for the organization of social and health resources, and educates on patient self-management

Lifeguard Health Networks

Remotely track critical patient reported outcome (ePRO) measures in real time

Orion Health

Orion pandemic outbreak monitoring platform
Pandemic outbreak monitoring platform with remote patient monitoring and patient engagement capabilities

Orion Health

COVID-19 patient management platform
Comprehensive solution to help alleviate pressure on overburdened global health systems and support the shift to virtual care


Patient engagement and remote collaboration
Outpatient care management of those infected with COVID-19 and other vulnerable populations


COVID-19 30-Day Protocol
COVID specific remote monitoring for potentialy infected patients


RIMPulse System
Monitor ECG, respiratory rate, SpO₂, heart rate, skin temperature, plethysmography, PWTT, blood pressure with real-time analysis and disease detection


Remote patient monitoring and engagement
Remote monitoring for COVID-19 patients to help limit intake and manage hospital capacity

Vivify Health, an Optum Company

Vivify +Go mobile solution
New COVID-19 screening, self-isolation, and Monitoring Pathway functionality for Vivify +Go

Remote Work Capabilities & Security

Change Healthcare

COVID-19 relevant imaging capabilities and expanded response
Empowering imaging teams with workflow prioritization, care team collaboration, high-risk patient tracking, and other COVID-19 resources


Confirm ID for Remote Access
Secure access for remote workforces 

Vyne Medical

Enable employees working from home to access voice, fax, and image solutions 

Revenue Cycle Management

Cantata Health

Optimum RCM
Platform for enhancing quality, maintaining privacy, and supporting clinical decision-making with real-time access to patient health information

Change Healthcare

Various COVID-19 resources
Optimize revenue cycle operations, financial performance, and create an effective action plan for revenue recovery


Craneware Toolkit
CPT codes, webinars, and staffing support

Ensemble Health Partners

Various RCM resources
Billing guidance, updates, and webinar resources for dealing with COVID-19 

Experian Health

Various administrative and financial tools related to COVID-19
Free list of COVID-19 and telehealth payer policy alerts and other administrative and financial tools

Ingenious Med

Revenue cycle services
Free additional provider licenses and multiple pandemic-management enhancements


Revenue Cycle Management
Physician advisor solutions, coding and documentation services, and coding and CDI technology


Regulatory Resource Center
Web based communications platform containing guidance, toolkits, personal wellness programming, and FAQs.


IVR Advantage for Digital Payments
Automated inbound IVR solution to capture patient payments automatically; Agent Assist to ensure patient card numbers are kept secure

PersonaPay Solutions for Online Payments
Dynamic propensity-to-pay models; payment-portal messaging

Financial Communications
Promote payment plan options and extend grace periods for patients; prioritize digital billing channels to increase engagement and reduce costs

Strata Decision Technology

COVID-19 Cost Capture and Recovery Model; Financial Impact Model
Understand the cost and revenue impact of COVID-19

TransUnion Healthcare

Insurance Discovery
Protect and recover your revenue in the wake of the pandemic

A/R Recovery and Transfer DRG Underpayments
Protect revenue and recover underpayments in the wake of the pandemic


Real time reference libraries and online resources


RCM tools related to COVID-19
Predict and manage the impact of COVID-19 on administrative and financial processes

RTLS & Medical Device Management


Free tools for monitoring the location of medical device resources


Free Cyber Resilience and Insight platform
Secure, monitor, and track your critical medical device resources


Various tracking resources
Hand-hygiene compliance, patient locating/contact tracing, and asset management capabilities


Live inventory
Maximize onboarding, availability, and visibility of medical devices


Medical-First IoT Platform
RTLS tracking of devices and insight into network usage 


RTLS Crisis Response Kit
Contact tracing for spaces and for previously nontracked patients, staff, and equipment within those spaces


COVID-19 dashboard
Visibility into what medical devices are connected to the network and where they are located


Various medical device management resources
Quickly and automatically view the institutional inventory of connected medical devices


Sonitor Sense
Disease contact tracing and hand hygiene monitoring and managing of infection 

Swipe Sense

Various tracking resources
Contact tracing, real-time asset tracking, and electronic hand hygiene monitoring 



Emergency COVID-19 on-call schedules
Emergency COVID-19 on-call schedules for physicians, nurses, and other providers


COVID-19 Rapid Facility Response Scheduling and Deployment
Online scheduling, scheduling services, time & attendance, payroll, scenario modeling

Harris Healthcare

Dynamic matching of nurse skills to patient acuity and complexity


Lightning Bolt Provider Scheduling
Generate optimized schedules and respond flexibly to staffing changes


Rapid deployment of physician/nurse/staff scheduling solution as well as updated messaging features for current customers 

Shift Admin

Shift Admin Scheduling
Physician scheduling platform and COVID-19 scheduling adjustment support

Secure Communication


Smartpage Clinical Communication
Secure clinician-to-clinician communication 

Halo Health

Halo secure communication solution
Unify all communication channels (text, voice calls, alerts) in a single, easy-to-use mobile application


Clinical Communications Suite Now
Supports physician access to patient data and secure messaging with peers via smartphones and tablets


Clinical Communication & Collaboration
Enable users to connect with the right people at the right time to respond more effectively to emergent situations


Vocera Communications platform
Platform for triaging patients in hospital parking lots, alerting care teams appropriately, and alerting response teams quickly

Security & Privacy


Managed Cybersecurity
Secure technology foundation and advanced cloud services with which providers can build and go live with missioncritical applications


Free Cyber Protection for Clinical Networks
Secure all of your healthcare assets 


Patient Privacy Intelligence
Prebuilt and customizable analytics to streamline tracking and protection of COVID-19 patient data


Incident management & tracking portal
Track and manage security incidents and investigations across an organization

Employee productivity analyzer
Monitor user productivity, track online activity, and detect ransomware

External penetration & vulnerability risk assessment
Automated penetration and vulnerability testing 


Patient Privacy Monitoring
Additional layers of protection for patients or staff who are being treated or tested for the COVID-19 virus

Speech Recognition


Dragon Medical
Free COVID-19 content pack for Dragon Medical One, Dragon Medical Network Edition, and Dragon Medical Practice Edition; various free add-on licenses for Dragon Medical 

PowerMic Mobile
Free PowerMic Mobile 90-day add-on licenses


Digital assistant with COVID-19 data and templates and resources for telemedicine; light version offered for pop-up and triage clinics 

Supply Chain/ERP

Forward Health Group

Tracking the strain on system capacity as COVID-19 spreads
Timely and accurate data about current and forecasted resource use to support local planning and response efforts


Critical Item Dashboards
Dashboards to track human capital, financial performance, and supply chain

Cost Tracking for Covid-19
Track all expenditures associated with COVID-19 against a single, nonbillable posting level project record


Oracle Workforce Health and Safety solution
Workforce health and safety solution 

Telehealth/Virtual Care


Amwell platform
Amwell platform facilitates virtual care visits through telehealth


Telehealth grant programs
Grant programs for telehealth marketplaces for state medical associations, hospital associations, and pharmacy associations


COVID-19 Virtual Disaster Response
Free 90-day capacity expansion for current customers of the UHE Telehealth platform


Cloud-based software platform
Manage patients remotely via telehealth using your own staff 

Change Healthcare

API & Services Connection Marketplace
On-demand marketplace to discover and subscribe to Change Healthcare’s portfolio of standards-based API products


TeleICU solution delivering customizable real-time clinical optimization, actionable predictive clinical analytics, dynamic worklist prioritization, and centralized patient risk stratification


Digital therapeutics solution
At-home coaching and self-treatment for those suffering from chronic conditions


Telehealth, patient access, and patient engagement capabilities
Telehealth capabilities, real-time patient engagement capabilities, pre-visit triage, community outreach, and other capabilities related to COVID-19


VitalTelemed Telemedicine EHR Platform
Remotely triage, treat, and document patient encounters safely and efficiently

Force Therapeutics

Digital patient engagement platform
Telehealth solution to treat and monitor patients remotely 

GE Healthcare

Virtual hospital ICU and ventilated patient management


GetWell Loop
Management and monitoring of COVID-19 populations; mitigation of health system overload 


Telehealth and remote patient monitoring
Telehealth offering with COVID-19 clinical pathways for symptom screening, education, and biometric monitoring


Imprivata Confirm ID
Safely and securely prescribe controlled substances without in-person medical evaluations

Automatically manage the provisioning and digital sanitization of shared iOS devices

InTouch Health

Virtual care offering including COVID-19 screening capabilities


iPro Connect
Stand-alone, or embedded secure communication tool

Jellyfish Health

Virtual Waiting Rooms and Contact-free Check-in
Wait time transparency, contactless check-in, virtual waiting rooms, automated text messaging, digital payments, and paperless forms and surveys

Lifeguard Health Networks

Virtual care monitoring and triage

Livongo Health Inc

Applied Health Signals
Remote Monitoring


MDLIVE Virtual Care
Virtual healthcare services

NextGen Healthcare

Virtual Visits Integrated virtual visits


Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX)
Automatically document telemedicine visits with the Dragon Ambient eXperience

ResApp Health

Smartphone app for diagnosing respiratory disease

The Garage

Provide critical support to vulnerable populations during the coronavirus pandemic 


Tridiuum ONE
Provides integrated telebehavioral health for homebound patients and patients sheltering in place 


COVID-19 Home Monitoring
Remote Monitoring

Service Solutions


Remote Epic services
Remote application management, analytics, integration, and security support for Epic customers

Virtual training and eLearning
Virtual classroom training, microlearning support videos, and eLearning content development


Elastic Digital Workplace for Crisis Management and Operations
Secure cloud access to scale and modernize on-premises VPN capabilities, extend collaboration platforms, enhance network capabilities and security, train end users for remote worksites, and ensure a reliable user experience

Remote Collaboration
Assistance implementing, configuring, and enablingMicrosoft Teams across the enterprise

Rapid Response Insight Services
Support for digital health cases across the health continuum, from prediagnosis through wellness 

Social Media Monitoring
Monitor, prioritize, evaluate, and engage with social media activity across all leading platforms

Supply Chain Crisis Response
Crisis assistance team, forecasting tools for predicting shortages, and other resources to help organizations manage and procure critical supplies and assets

Surge Response for Contact Optimization
Conversational AI specifically configured to handle inbound callers with COVID-19 related concerns 


Social Engineering Assessment
Test employee response to phishing and vishing attacks as COVID-19 related threats and disruptions to normal operations increase vulnerability

Snapshot Security Assessment
Gain free, high-level insight regarding your organization’s security posture relative to three prevalent attack vectors

Alidade Group

Epic consultants
Consultants are available in all Epic modules to support both short-term and long-term needs related to COVID-19 

AQuity Solutions

Clinical documentation support services
Quickly executable emergency services packages for transcription, coding, virtual scribing, and interim management


Epic, Cerner, Infor, and Workday consultants
Staffing for supply chain, HR, application and business analyst, system admin, buyer, billing, coding, and documentation roles


Revenue Integrity and Underpayment Recovery
Solutions for accelerating cash flow, augmenting financial staff, and ensuring compliance


Worksite health services
Various telehealth services available to help organizations during the COVID-19 outbreak

Ciox Health

Clinical data acquisition and insights
Ubiquitous, efficient delivery of medical records from any provider in the country

Clinical Revenue Integrity Services
Quick, compliant management of patient data 

ClearBalance Healthcare

Funding of patient payment plan portfolio
Immediate boost to cash flow by transitioning portfolio of long-term patient payment plans into ClearBalance patient financing program


Risk Analysis Software and Services for Assessing Remote Work Environments
Assessment of data security risks related to work-from-home environments

Technical Testing Services
Assessments and tests to identify potential security weaknesses and improve an organization’s overall security posture

Teleworking Systems Security Insight
Customizable survey tool and related consulting services to assist in discovering, analyzing, and integrating the administrative functions of new telework systems and services

Virtual CISO Services
Augmentation or backfill of information security officers with experienced professionals

CoreTek Services

Azure Migration Services
Cloud solutions for specific workloads, data, security requirements, compliance initiatives, and end-user needs

Microsoft Health Bot
Configuration and deployment of the Microsoft Health Bot for public-facing website

Remote Worker Strategy
Secure, quick-to-implement strategies to support remote workers 


Service Offerings to Support COVID-19 Response
Remote care solutions, virtual visit and patient portal concierge desk and tactical updates to EHR systems and workflows


Incident Response Program and Ransomware Playbook Preparedness
Services to support the testing, review, and improvement of incident response practices

Cybersecurity Teleworking Best Practices
Cybersecurity consulting services to support the implementation of teleworking best practices


Microsoft Teams
Virtual half-day session to deploy Microsoft Teams and implement best practices

Rapidly convert outpatient visits to telemedicine

DXC Technology

Citizen-Driven COVID-19 Management
Prepare citizens and healthcare teams to respond to the pandemic

COVID-19 Digital Worker
Relieve demand on healthcare call centers by deflecting inbound voice traffic to cognitive digital workers

IT Modernization Support for COVID-19
Add capacity to existing IT environments and provide skills and expertise to manage mission-critical operations 

Remote Workplace Support for COVID-19
Pre-integrated solutions and on-demand services to maintain business continuity with remote staff

ECG Management Consultants

Management consulting; COVID-19 response Services
Virtual teams to work remotely and collaboratively with incident command and operational leaders to deploy telehealth functionality and assist in the rapid activation of new capacity


MEDITECH Remote Services
Help desk, analysts, and technical staff to help MEDITECH customers manage/set up COVID-19 specific functionalities

ettain health

COVID-19 related services
Various services and resources for helping communities and clients to stay safe, connected, informed, and innovative

Fortified Health Security

Education and guidance for remaining cyber resilient throughout the COVID-19 pandemic 

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

Revenue cycle services
Ready-to-deploy remote specialists for patient contact, A/R, and coding

GHR RevCycle Workforce

GHR RevCycle Workforce
Remote UR case managers, coders, and CDI specialists for short- and long-term support

Global Healthcare IT

Thoroughly vetted analysts

Guidehouse (Navigant)

Cybersecurity expertise for protecting data, networks, workforce, and patients

Government Funding Applications
New government funding for rapid recovery, stronger capacity and community resilience, and enhanced preparedness for future crises

Supply Chain
Identify, categorize, quantify, and prioritize supply chain risks and mitigation plans

Staffing, Throughput, and Telework
Create capacity, enhance resources, reconfigure demand planning and workflows, and transition employees to telework


Develop and implement a comprehensive work-from-home strategy


Remote IT Support
Remote IT support for the EMR and other critical systems 

Health Catalyst

Staff Augmentation
Analytics, data science, and domain-expert staff members 

Healthcare IT Leaders

Staffing and Consulting
Consulting, telehealth, desktop support, and staffing resources for Cerner, Epic, and Kronos customers

HIPAA Watchdog

Free telehealth setup and billing planning

HSi Health Systems Informatics

Consulting and project management
Project management, wireless infrastructure consulting, and Epic healthcare information and analytics


Process automation
Workflow and process automation for message distribution, commissioning/decommissioning of surge beds, and staff onboarding

Impact Advisors

Help clients address capacity, technology resilience, and staff safety and effectiveness 

J2 Interactive

Salesforce Health Cloud Quick Start ProgramSalesforce Health Cloud Quick Start Program
Helping COVID-19 response teams get up and running with Salesforce Health Cloud


Virtual Care Access Package
Predictive models, analytics, and services to help payers and providers prepare for COVID-19 impacts


Value-based care consulting
Understand, anticipate, and respond to the impacts from COVID-19 


Clinical Workflow Response
Remote assistance for developing just-in-time clinical tools and operational processes that help facilitate new patient scenarios

Patient Scheduling, Registration, and Communication
Remotely implement changes to operational workflows and work with Epic EHR to support these workflows in a more automated fashion

Reporting and Tracking
Remotely establish analytics infrastructure necessary to monitor and track important statistics

Online training
Virtualization of classroom training

Staff Augmentation and Managed Services
Remote support of daily administrative operations, including financial clearance, Epic system maintenance and support, and billing and collections

Telehealth Solutions
Telehealth optimization services to maximize efficiency and improve outcomes


Consulting and Support Services
Service desk, virtual care, care coordination, or other forms of support 


Telehealth, clinician help desk, and patient portal support
Support for telehealth initiatives and help desk call surges from EHR users and patients

Remote CDI staffing
Preserve CDI staffing levels to sustain your current program and minimize the impact to your CMI

Secure remote transcription services
Secure remote transcription services to keep pace with dictation volumes

Optimum Healthcare IT

Laboratory and hospital consulting
Lab interfaces to support rapid testing methodologies and other services to help labs deal with COVID-19; support for telehealth, COVID-19 peak prep, and implementation of temporary hospital spaces


Advisory Services
Services for rapid response and crisis management, resource modeling, telework, and telehealth

Clinical Services
Services for patient helpline, chronic care management, and employee assistance program

Optum Data Exchange
Links providers and payers bidirectionally to securely deliver clinical data where it is needed to support value- and risk-based agreements

Complimentary access to COVID-19 readiness resources

Oxford Global Resources

Staff Augmentation and Managed Services
Mobilizing and managing remote individuals and teams


Philips Healthcare Transformation Services
COVID-19 Organizational Readiness

Pivot Point Consulting

Rapid Response Solutions
Telehealth accelerators, real-time reporting, EHR readiness, and other consulting services to help organizations manage the impacts of COVID-19

Premise Health

Worksite health and telehealth
Worksite health and telehealth services to help organizations manage the COVID-19 crisis

Prominence Advisors

Analytics support and resources
Analytics accelerators, Epic workflow updates, and teambased analytics support 


COVID-19 Navigator - CFO Pulse Survey
Understand where your business stands as it relates to crisis management and response; workforce; operations and supply chain; finance and liquidity; tax and trade; and strategy and brand

COVID-19 Ambulatory and Elective Procedure Access Considerations and Support
Help managing demand and capacity as well as prioritizing patients for clinic and elective appointments once COVID-19 recedes


COVID-19 Response Solutions
Free OpenStack Public Cloud hosting resources; free sixmonth access to Microsoft Teams for current Rackspace Office 365 customers


COVID-19 Claims
Coding and billing for accurate reimbursement


Revint C.A.R.E.S.
Cash acceleration and revenue enhancement solution (C.A.R.E.S.)

ROI Healthcare Solutions

Various COVID-19 related services
Support and staffing across many areas, telehealth deployment, and EDI system check

S&P Consultants

HIT consultants
Staff augmentation, strategic RCM assistance, implementation assistance for vendors’ COVID-19 updates, and other COVID-19 related resources


Cerner Millennium consulting
Create reports needed by hospitals to track patient information and adequately report on COVID-19 patients

Stoltenberg Consulting Inc.

Remote service desk
Remote service desk for both EHR and technical services; additional crisis-response processes and support

T2 Tech Group

IT implementation and project management
Project management for IT implementations, including telehealth applications

The Chartis Group

Digital and Technology Catalysts
Consulting to help organizations find the digital tools and foundational technology needed to support a strained care-delivery system

Operational Planning and Management
Strategies for handling an influx of hospitalized patients

Revenue Cycle
Consulting to help organizations mitigate the anticipated financial impact of COVID-19

Strategic Impact and Options Analysis
Consulting to help organizations manage the financial and operational impacts of COVID-19

Virtual Care
Telemedicine strategies to help organizations contain COVID-19 exposure in healthcare settings and expand capacity 

The HCI Group

Help desk services
COVID-19 patient triage help desk services


Data Curation as a Service
Clean and curated data to support appropriate detection and early intervention for COVID-susceptible populations

Vendor / Firm Index

Altruista Health
Ambient Clinical Analytics
Cantata Health
Capsule Technologies
Collective Medical
Epimed Solutions
Epion Health
eQHealth Solutions
ER Express
Global Healthcare IT
Ingenious Med
InTouch Health
Jellyfish Health
Keet Health
Lifeguard Health Networks
Medial EarlySign
Orca Health
Orchard Software
Patagonia Health
Patients Know Best
Swipe Sense
T2 Tech Group
Talksoft, a RevSpring Company
TransUnion Healthcare
Vecna Technologies
author - Elizabeth Pew
Elizabeth Pew
author - Natalie Jamison
Natalie Jamison
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