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Behavioral Health 2018

Behavioral Health 2018
A First Look at Behavioral Health EHR Performance

Authored by: Tyson Blauer and Jon Christensen October 5, 2018 | Read Time: 5  minutes

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The behavioral health EHR market segment is one of the lowest performing that KLAS measures (2nd percentile). While vendor performance is low across the board, most frustrated customers plan to stay with their behavioral health vendor due to limited resources and a lack of compelling alternatives. This report, KLAS’ first on behavioral health EHRs, is intended to give executives at behavioral health organizations a high-level overview of the market and to shine a spotlight on where vendors can improve. Specifically, this report dives into the behavioral health vendors used most frequently (in both inpatient and outpatient settings) and their performance in product quality, development, and service and support.

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Key Topics

  1. Credible Leading an Underperforming Group; Valant Strong in Private Practices
  2. Product Development Mixed: Valant, Welligent Delivering on Promises; Credible, Qualifacts Struggling
  3. Core Solutions and Harris Healthcare Implementations Challenging
  4. Of Health System EHR Vendors, Cerner Most Experienced
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