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Breast Imaging 2014
Finding a Partner for the Future

author - Monique Rasband
Monique Rasband
May 10, 2014 | Read Time: 4  minutes

Advances in breast imaging have made a huge difference in the fight for early detection of breast cancer. Going from analog to CR to DR technology and then from DR to tomosynthesis has helped providers increase detection of cancer and reduce false-positive callbacks. Legislation around dense breasts has put breast ultrasound in the spotlight, as well. Which mammography vendor would providers choose if they were making a decision now? Are mammography information system (MIS) vendors a better choice than mammography tools from radiology information system (RIS) vendors? KLAS spoke with 183 providers to find out.

overall performancewho is your top choice


Hologic Top Choice for Many:

When providers were asked which digital mammography vendor was their top choice, GE customers were not loyal to GE, with 63% citing Hologic as their top choice. While many chose Hologic because of tomosynthesis, some also said Hologic was the best breast imaging partner. Hologic customers are devoted—100% of Hologic customers chose Hologic. Current Hologic customers reported that Hologic is a true partner and is also the technology leader in tomosynthesis.

Siemens Customers Willing to Wait:

Tomosynthesis is not yet available for U.S. customers, but Siemens' customers like Siemens enough to wait. In fact, 81% of Siemens customers selected Siemens as their top choice. Several said they were looking forward to Siemens' new PRIME unit and would choose that machine when it came time to purchase. The remaining 19% chose Hologic, and the main reason was tomosynthesis.

Niche MIS vendors safe for now...

Despite a market trend toward consolidation, providers are likely to stay with their niche MIS vendors. Providers report that MRS and PenRad offer better mammography functionality overall than RIS vendors. MagView's functionality development is stagnant, and their service is falling behind MIS vendors'.

Is Epic Improving Mammo Tools?

While only a few providers rated the mammography functionality of the Epic RIS, it performed well compared to other RIS programs, and several providers noted recent improvements. GE, Cerner, and MEDITECH have a handful of providers using their mammography functionality, but none of those three vendors have been meeting providers' needs. Siemens and McKesson both got only four ratings, and while Siemens fared reasonably well, McKesson users were not pleased.

mammography functionalityyour future plans for mis


Listed Alphabetically

Image Aquisition


Reliable, easy-to-use system. Good images meet expectations. Tomosynthesis timeline not met, causing frustration. GE not perceived to be dedicated to breast imaging. Some providers feel stuck with large corporate contracts. Providers optimistic about Invenia ABUS, GE's new platform for automated whole-breast ultrasound.


Best partner for breast imaging. Sales, support, and communication top notch. Leader in 2D mammography; 3D mammography performs even better (scoring 95 out of 100). Tomosynthesis improving detection of cancer and creating ROI. Hologic customers extremely loyal; even many GE and Fuji customers consider Hologic to be best option.


Workflow features like foot controls and Opcomp improve efficiency, speed, and patient comfort. Flexible panel more comfortable for patients. Lack of tomosynthesis is setback, but many are willing to wait until Siemens is FDA approved. Provider adoption of the automated breast volume scanner (ABVS), and add-on to the S2000, has been slow, but interest is increasing.



Functionality down over past year to land MagView third of three. Satisfaction with delivery of new technology and overall product quality has declined. 25% would not buy again.


Excitement around new functionality and upgrade coming out. No nickel-and-diming, and 100% plan to stay. Overall easy to use, with some minor bugs here and there. Communication has room to improve.


Service and support remain excellent, with boutique, small-company feel. Functionality improved. Easy to use for MQSA and tracking patients.



Not meeting basic needs of mammo users. Nine out of fourteen providers are using Cerner for mammo, but workflow and functionality are poor.


Out of seven RIS customers interviewed, three gave ratings for mammo functionality. Earned highest mammo functionality score among RIS vendors. Still behind top MIS vendors, but providers pushing Epic to improve and Epic is listening. MQSA reports improved. Integration of mammo tools with various radiology solutions proving difficult.


Weak performance compared to MIS vendors. Mammo functionality lacks many tools. Not easy to use. Ability to generate follow-up letters could improve.


Lacks mammo reporting capabilities. Half of McKesson RIS users in the study (four of eight) not using McKesson for mammography due to weak functionality.


Mammo tools fall short for tracking, reporting, and creating letters. Require manual processes or workarounds to accomplish tasks.


Based on small sample, second-highest mammo functionality score among RIS vendors. While some are happy with mammo functionality, others say tools are basic. Of the four using the mammo functionality, three plan to stay.


DR Systems and INFINITT both offer a mammo module, but providers rarely mention the mammo functionality. Merge’s mammo module is talked about relatively often, but most say it is not meeting expectations set by Merge. One provider mentioned Merge will partner with MRS and feels that will be a positive development for providers.

author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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