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dbMotion 2015

dbMotion 2015
A Reality Check

Authored by: Mark Allphin and Colin Buckley March 5, 2015 | Read Time: 2  minutes

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Allscripts’ dbMotion software tackles two of the biggest challenges faced by providers today: health information exchange (HIE) and population health management (PHM). Allscripts states that dbMotion is core to their long-term strategy. Amidst high energy and high expectations, KLAS spoke with nearly half of the customers live on dbMotion to find out what is real today and what is likely ahead.

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When asked how well dbMotion was meeting expectations, 100% said it was at least meeting expectations and 67% said it was exceeding them. Why the positive response? Providers said dbMotionis outstanding at fulfilling its key purpose: aggregating, normalizing, and presenting clinical data from disparate systems. Providers rated its data aggregation capability an 8.1 out of 9, and very few mentioned any roadblocks.

validations and expectations


More than half of dbMotion customers said the implementations took longer than expected. However, rather than blaming Allscripts for interface delays, they said mapping data sources was a protracted effort made by their own staffs and called it a worthwhile investment. It took 80% of the new customers we spoke to more than a year to gain the expected benefits.

slow speed to value


Once live, physicians are quick to adopt dbMotion.“Semantic harmonization” delivers meaningful data and engenders physician trust. Patient data is easy to access and digest, particularly when using dbMotion EHR Agent—a tool that brings patient data and reminders directly into the workflow of a variety of EMRs. Survey respondents rated the workflow integration a 7.9 out of 9.

dbmotion component adoption


Providers say dbMotion is not fully ready for PHM. The dbMotion Collaborate application allows users to explore patient lists and measure provider performance. Allscripts also offers preconfigured algorithms for managing specific disease states and quality measures. Both garner praise from early users, but neither has flexible tools for sophisticated risk and care management. A dbMotion analytics platform is in development, and many plan to implement it, but today’s customers must augment with Allscripts’ other PHM tools or export normalized data to a third-party PHM solution.

trending by quarter


dbMotion out performs most competing solutions, but its KLAS score dropped nearly 5 points over the last year. Customers predict higher satisfaction in the year ahead, but optimism has also fallen, and early signs suggest Allscripts’ future path may not be smooth. It is common after acquisitions for raised customer expectations and increased sales to stretch vendor personnel already distracted by integration efforts. The result is falling ratings in areas such as “contracting experience,” “product works as promoted,” “implementation timeliness,” and “support quality.”

dbmotions overall performance since 2013

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