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Global PACS 2017
Enterprise Imaging Reshaping PACS Decisions

author - Eder Lagemann
Eder Lagemann
author - Sam Eaquinto
Sam Eaquinto
November 7, 2017 | Read Time: 2  minutes

Enterprise imaging—the ability to store, view, and access clinical images from multiple departments or organizations—is an increasingly key consideration in PACS purchasing decisions as well as overall imaging strategies. KLAS measures several technologies that impact organizations’ enterprise imaging (EI) strategies; chief among them are PACS solutions, vendor-neutral archives (VNAs), and universal viewers. KLAS spoke to 345 individuals in 43 countries outside the US to determine which VNAs they have selected or considered and to measure how PACS vendors have performed over the last 18 months.

respondents current status with vna

1. GE Healthcare, Carestream, & Agfa HealthCare See Highest VNA Energy Due to Global Presence

60% of healthcare organizations looking for a VNA say they will first consider the VNA technology from their current PACS vendor. After their own PACS vendor, healthcare organizations tend to look at the large, global vendors like GE Healthcare, Carestream, and Agfa HealthCare. All three have a presence in each of the five global regions examined in this report, have long histories in imaging, and offer broad imaging platforms that include both software and equipment. Fujifilm also sees high consideration, mainly from their PACS customers.

pacs vendor performance by region

2. INFINITT and Sectra Lead in PACS Performance Thanks to Strong Innovation and Functionality

With clients reporting strong integration and innovation, INFINITT has the highest overall PACS score of any multiregional vendor. Sectra and Carestream deliver broad functionality that users are able to leverage well thanks to strong ease of use. Sectra customers also feel that it is easy to customize their tool’s workflows to individual users. Agfa HealthCare customers in the Middle East have reported higher overall satisfaction in the last year, due largely to improvement in their local support team’s level of proactiveness. In addition, Agfa HealthCare’s new PACS product—Enterprise Imaging—has been positively received. Satisfaction with Fujifilm and GE Healthcare has slightly declined. GE Healthcare customers have not seen technology development recently, while Fujifilm customers say a lack of proactive service has strained relationships.

3. Regional PACS Relationships and Support

service and support

4. Lacking Strong Relationships, Agfa HealthCare IMPAX and GE Healthcare PACS Customers Most Likely to Leave

organizational future outlook

Agfa HealthCare and GE Healthcare are some of the most considered vendors for PACS and VNA but are also among the lowest PACS performers; both are losing PACS customers. Some Agfa customers who leave IMPAX move to Agfa’s new platform; others have chosen other vendors, seeking better support and relationships. GE Healthcare customers are also dissatisfied with their support and feel GE has not kept up with evolving imaging technology. In contrast, INFINITT, Carestream, and Sectra deliver an enticing combination of strong PACS technology, responsive support, and training that has customers committed for the long haul. Most McKesson, Philips, and Fujifilm customers also report plans to stay but want additional improvements. Some Fujifilm clients looking elsewhere for a PACS solution report integration issues; McKesson and Philips clients looking to leave say their products have been stagnant despite vendor promises of new enhancements.

author - Elizabeth Pew
Elizabeth Pew
author - Natalie Jamison
Natalie Jamison
author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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This material is copyrighted. Any organization gaining unauthorized access to this report will be liable to compensate KLAS for the full retail price. Please see the KLAS DATA USE POLICY for information regarding use of this report. © 2024 KLAS Research, LLC. All Rights Reserved. NOTE: Performance scores may change significantly when including newly interviewed provider organizations, especially when added to a smaller sample size like in emerging markets with a small number of live clients. The findings presented are not meant to be conclusive data for an entire client base.

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