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Interoperability—An Inside Look at Plug-and-Play Patient-Record Sharing

Interoperability—An Inside Look at Plug-and-Play Patient-Record Sharing
A CEO/C-Suite Primer

Authored by: Coray Tate & Kent Gale March 2018 | Read Time: 3 minutes

Traditionally, patient-record sharing has been accomplished with expensive, custom-made point-to-point connections between healthcare organizations as well as local and regional HIE networks. Fortunately, additional options are taking shape where EMR vendors build “plug-and-play” connectivity into their EMR products, enabling quick, easy, and inexpensive connections between providers across national networks. Are you benefitting from the plug-and-play patient-record sharing available today? If not, why? This C-level report provides clarity on the state of plug-and-play sharing and your EMR vendor’s ability to enable this for you.

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