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Legacy Data Archiving 2020 Legacy Data Archiving 2020
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Legacy Data Archiving 2020
Which Vendors Consistently Exceed Expectations?

author - Ryan Oliver
Ryan Oliver
author - Jennifer Hickenlooper
Jennifer Hickenlooper
July 16, 2020 | Read Time: 7  minutes

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When healthcare organizations purchase new software systems, consolidate existing products, or acquire other facilities, they are often left with legacy software solutions that need to be retired. Shuttering these systems and archiving the data is an opportunity to reduce costs while maintaining access to historical patient data. Organizations that have gone through this process recommend considering the following when choosing a data archiving partner:
  • Project Size & Complexity: Which vendors have completed projects similar to yours in terms of the number of hospitals/clinics involved, the number/type of applications being archived, etc.?
  • Extraction & Implementation: Late projects extend the amount of time legacy systems must be maintained and paid for. Which vendors set proper expectations and consistently hit timelines?
  • Customer Satisfaction: What does customer satisfaction with system functionality and ongoing support look like post-implementation?

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Key Findings

  1. Project Size & Complexity
  2. Harmony Healthcare IT and MediQuant Able to Deliver on Complex Projects and Broad Range of Systems
  3. Extraction & Implementation
  4. Strong Communication from Triyam ELLKAY Leads to Smooth Extractions
  5. Unclear Expectations Cause Missed Extraction Timelines for Some MediQuant, Galen, Harmony Customers
  6. Satisfaction with Functionality
  7. Harmony Healthcare IT Clients Attribute Achieved Outcomes to Strong Functionality
  8. Satisfaction with Ongoing Support
  9. Legacy Data Access, ELLKAY Less Consistent in Providiing Proactive Service
  10. Best Practices for Successfully Archiving a Legacy System
author - Elizabeth Pew
Elizabeth Pew
author - Madison Fujimoto
Madison Fujimoto
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