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MEDITECH Consulting
Which Firms Are Ready to Support Providers' Varied Consulting Needs?

author - Lois Krotz
Lois Krotz
August 19, 2015 | Read Time: 4  minutes

MEDITECH has 19% of the overall EMR market share in the U.S.+ With three different platforms live, they have a large client base with great and varied consulting needs, from legacy support to implementation services. Last year, MEDITECH created the READY certification program to verify consultants’ knowledge of MEDITECH applications. This study explores clients’ experiences with 16 firms and 128 MEDITECH implementation and advisory projects. Which READY-certified firms excel in offering general and specific services to support MEDITECH clients on MAGIC, C/S, and 6.x?

how do firms compare


Focused solely on MEDITECH consulting work, Navin, Haffty & Associates (NHA) has the broadest and deepest offering for MEDITECH needs, with more than six verified engagements across all implementation categories (excluding go-live support) and advisory services in this report. NHA has one of the longest histories of providing MEDITECH services, which has made them the goto firm for many repeat clients. NH was the first firm to receive READY certification. Providers rated NHA higher than all other fully rated firms in both implementation and advisory services, applauding them for their strong clinical knowledge and deep, long-standing experience with all versions of MEDITECH.

performance highlights


Other than NHA, Jacobus Consulting is the only MEDITECH-focused firm that has fully rated implementation and advisory services. Jacobus has a strong focus on optimization services, especially for revenue cycle optimization, and providers touted their strong project leadership and problem resolution as keys to success. Leidos Health, the second-highest performer for implementation work, offers an array of services but showed up particularly well for staff augmentation. Customers utilize Leidos’ strong legacy support and experienced MEDITECH resources. Cornerstone Advisors performed in the top three for implementation services and showed strong early performance in advisory services. Providers praised them for their seasoned consultants and ability to deliver high-quality results. Santa Rosa Consulting focuses on implementation (supportive) work, and clients highlighted their strong consultant communication and reasonable pricing as positives.

which firm is right for you



NHA is the top performer in both implementation and advisory services and has the most validated engagements. Overall, clients are pleased with their experienced resources, adding that NHA’s strategic and engaged executives and their relationships with clients set NHA apart. Providers gave additional credit to NHA’s partnering relationship with MEDITECH. Some clients had to change consultants mid-project, but NHA was responsive and quick to replace them. A few clients considered NHA to be more expensive than other firms but felt they got their money’s worth. NHA works extensively across all three MEDITECH platforms.


Jacobus has a wide offering in implementation and advisory services, with a strong focus on revenue cycle optimization work. Extensive MEDITECH/general revenue cycle knowledge and established processes were praised most by clients. Overall, Jacobus provides consistent resources and in two cases was quick to replace mismatched consultants. A few clients experienced sales and pricing struggles; others mentioned that Jacobus could provide better pre-implementation guidance. Most of their validated work is done with MEDITECH C/S.


Leidos has a strong staffing practice, with the second most validated staff augmentation clients in this report. Providers mention that Leidos is able to tap into a deep resource pool to place the right people who fit providers’ needs in a timely manner. Clients mentioned an overall knowledgeable staff and good pricing, but Leidos is not considered a strategic partner and has seen more inconsistency in staff quality than others. One CIO mentioned that their knowledge beyond MEDITECH provides more capabilities and versatility. Most clients used Leidos for 6.x and C/S support.


Cornerstone offers mainly implementation support and advisory services, with clients expressing trust for their seasoned consultants on advisory projects. Clients praised Cornerstone’s ability to drive successful implementations, in part because of their high-performing resources, who possess expertise and a knowledge of MEDITECH. A few implementation clients mentioned interaction issues and a lack of communication from Cornerstone executives. Most of their work is done with MAGIC and 6.x clients.

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa focuses mainly on supportive implementation work validated by this study. Their MEDITECH-specific knowledge pool is due in part to the acquisition of InfoPartners in 2012. Most clients praised their professionalism and great communication skills as keys to success. Although clients were generally pleased with the positive results of their engagements, Santa Rosa received the lowest implementation score (84) in this research, partly due to a lack of collaboration and executive involvement for a few clients, which led to hesitancy in recommending them. Santa Rosa provides services for all three MEDITECH systems.



HSM focuses on implementation support and staffing work in this study. All clients praised the quality of HSM’s resources, including the depth of their knowledge. One provider mentioned their expertise in MEDITECH’s general financials. Some considered HSM to be on the pricey side, while two providers found them to be accommodating and flexible with pricing. KLAS did not validate any MAGIC work.

Dell Services

All Dell clients interviewed for this research were using Dell for implementation work. Providers lauded their responsiveness to requests and needs as well as their good working relationships with clients, especially physicians. One hospital felt Dell didn’t adapt to their unique situation. Other providers found them to be collaborative and knowledgeable, with solid communication skills.

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