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Orthopedic EMR 2018 Orthopedic EMR 2018
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Orthopedic EMR 2018
Who Meets the Needs of Orthopedic Practices?

author - Aaron Gleave
Aaron Gleave
author - Alex McIntosh
Alex McIntosh
December 11, 2018 | Read Time: 3  minutes

Given the growing utilization of orthopedic treatments, it is more important than ever for orthopedic practices to have EMR technology that enables clinician, patient, and financial success. However, KLAS’ Arch Collaborative research—which has collected EMR usability surveys from over 65,000 clinicians—indicates that orthopedists are some of the most dissatisfied EMR users. These users understand that just because an EMR is highly usable in other settings doesn’t mean it is the right fit for orthopedics. Many vendors say they can provide the unique functionality, usability, and workflows orthopedists need, but which actually deliver on these promises? And how do the various general EMRs compare to orthopedic-specific solutions? To find out, KLAS interviewed 120 healthcare professionals—including orthopedists, directors, CMIOs, practice administrators, nurses, and others—at both hospitals and standalone orthopedic practices.

Specialty-Specific SRS Health and Modernizing Medicine Deliver Best Workflows for Orthopedics

orthopedic workflows vs ease of useThe EMRs from specialty-specific vendors SRS Health and Modernizing Medicine deliver an above-average charting and usability experience. Highly flexible and customizable, SRS Health’s solution follows the workflow of an orthopedic visit and mimics the way orthopedists think, speeding up the documentation process and freeing physicians to focus on the patient instead of documentation. SRS Health customers are more likely than other vendors’ customers to cite the EMR’s facilitation of dictation as one reason for its ease of use. Modernizing Medicine customers appreciate that their EMR—EMA™—is tailored to orthopedic groups, noting that the specialization allows them to quickly and efficiently complete their documentation. Modernizing Medicine’s EMR is cloud based and can be used across various devices, including tablets and laptops, helping clinicians maintain a connection with patients while documenting. Additionally, a number of clients say the integrated coding prompts ensure smooth billing.

Despite High General Ambulatory Performance, Aprima and athenahealth Fall Short for Orthopedics

Across the metrics measured in this report, Aprima, athenahealth, and Allscripts Professional consistently round out the bottom three. Aprima is the Best in KLAS winner for small practices but comes in eleventh in orthopedics. Orthopedic customers lack tailored content and have to find workarounds to make the system usable for their needs. A majority of interviewed Aprima customers cite lack of imaging integration as a major concern. Poor support, unfulfilled functionality promises, and a lack of development also contribute to dissatisfaction. athenahealth is the second-highest-performing general ambulatory EMR vendor but is rated tenth by orthopedic practices. Orthopedic customers say the system is geared more toward general practice and cite problems with usability, stability, billing, slow development, and inconsistent support. Allscripts Professional is the overall lowest performer in orthopedics. The system lacks prebuilt orthopedics content, and multiple customers say the templates are difficult to set up and use.

emr satisfaction comparison orthopedics vs general ambulatory

Support Is Strong from Epic, Greenway Health, and NextGen Healthcare; Improvements Needed from athenahealth, Aprima, and eClinicalWorks 

quality of phone web supportEpic customers feel their requests are addressed quickly and resolved appropriately. The support personnel seem knowledgeable and empowered to resolve customer concerns. The limited number of interviewed customers for Greenway Health Intergy and NextGen Healthcare report recent improvements to their support, saying that issues are resolved quickly by empowered, competent representatives. NextGen Healthcare customers enthusiastically describe the support as “prompt,” “excellent,” and “awesome.” In contrast, Aprima and athenahealth, who have historically delivered satisfactory support for their general ambulatory customers, struggle to provide knowledgeable support representatives for orthopedic practices. eClinicalWorks has the lowest rating, with customers reporting long wait times, slow responses, language barriers, and excessively long resolution times.

The Enterprise Solutions: Epic and Cerner

enterprise vendor comparison epic and cernerCerner and Epic are the only two enterprise EMR vendors fully rated in orthopedics. Ratings for Epic are fairly consistent across customers, who say Epic has made great efforts to help them adapt the EMR to an orthopedic setting, specifically calling out the Bones module as a driver of their satisfaction. They say this module, in conjunction with Epic’s Express Lanes, promotes efficiency, reduces the number of clicks, and increases usability. The majority of interviewed Cerner customers are quite satisfied with the EMR’s orthopedic workflows once they are set up and optimized, and they emphasize the benefits of Cerner’s MPages, which allow for customization and significant gains in efficiency. However, 4 of the 15 interviewed customers are not as satisfied with Cerner’s workflows, rating them a 6.0 or less (out of 9.0). These customers are smaller facilities who feel the functionality is overwhelming at times and have had difficulty customizing the solution.

successes and challenges
author - Elizabeth Pew
Elizabeth Pew
author - Jess Wallace-Simpson
Jess Wallace-Simpson
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