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Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM)

Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM)
Flash Insights Report 2020

Authored by: Paul Hess and Jennifer Despain February 18, 2020 | Read Time: 2  minutes

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The new Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) proposed by Medicare went into effect in October 2019. Now that the first billing cycle under the model has passed, KLAS reached out to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) to get early insights into how smoothly the transition went, how helpful their technology (EMR/therapy) vendors have been, and how the change has impacted their bottom line. The feedback came from a total of 48 respondents—11 executives, 20 directors, and 17 managers, analysts, and other healthcare professionals.

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Key Findings:

  1. Biggest Positive Financial Impact Seen by Large LTC Organizations
  2. Transition to PDPM Mostly Smooth; Majority of LTC EMR Vendors Were Effective in Helping Clients Prepare
  3. Therapy Vendors Seen as Helpful during the Transition
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