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Healthcare Management Consulting 2017
Keeping Pace with a Transforming Market

author - Warren Whitford
Warren Whitford
author - Lois Krotz
Lois Krotz
December 19, 2017 | Read Time: 3  minutes

As challenges in healthcare become more complex, stakeholders more demanding, and value-based care more important, healthcare organizations have increasingly high expectations of the consultants they engage. KLAS interviewed 299 provider and payer executives for a better understanding of how the various management consulting firms impact clients’ success, the top attributes of successful firm/client relationships, and clients’ biggest hurdles when engaging firms.

healthcare management consulting capabilities

Deloitte, Chartis Group & Navigant Lead Most Complex Projects, Leave Major Impact

Broad cross-industry firms have demonstrated the capacity to handle the most complex engagements in healthcare. Deloitte’s focus on results and deadlines and Chartis Group’s experienced teams and tailored strategic advice have ensured key-to-success impacts for highly satisfied healthcare organizations. Several Navigant clients suggest that the firm’s integrity, willingness to learn, and investment in customer success are critical in helping clients achieve significant financial results. Advisory Board’s sometimes-inexperienced healthcare consultants and cookie-cutter approach have resulted in failed engagements and lost clients. Though data on McKinsey is too limited to be charted, it suggests that high costs, inexperienced consultants, and master-of-the-universe attitudes result in low client satisfaction.

engagement complexity vs firms role in organizational success

Deloitte, Premier & Optum Often Perceived as _______ Trusted Partners

100% of the clients KLAS surveyed perceive Deloitte to be a trusted partner that is competent and trustworthy enough to address high-stakes, long-term, strategic challenges. Chartis Group, IBM (Truven), and Optum are classified by clients exclusively as trusted partners or problem solvers.

atrusted partneris also a problem solver and credible source of information

Premier leverages vast population health network experience, resources, and a deep well of knowledge by prioritizing client needs to help drive the best results. Optum’s flexibility and attitude of partnership allow the firm to deliver expertise in value-based care via shared dialogue in a way that fosters considerable trust. Poor communication, low accountability, and a lack of client-level engagement sometimes prevent Conifer Health Solutions from addressing clients’ unique needs and context. While Evolent Health performs well overall, those clients who view the firm as a vendor report an inability to execute on time and a salesy approach that negatively affects relationships, especially among former Valence Health clients.

is your firm a trusted partner problem solvercredible source or simply a vendor

Accenture Known for Expertise; Huron & PwC for __________ Breadth of Resources

KLAS asked respondents to specify the strength that is most important to and most representative of their experience with their firm and to also identify their most challenging hurdle. The most sought-after strength, mentioned by respondents no fewer than 72 times, is expertise or high-quality t alent. Accenture clients appreciate their firm’s tremendous talent and flexibility to adapt to their needs, especially related to risk and exposure. At the same time, clients bemoan Accenture’s bureaucratic approach, which tends to overcomplicate projects and reduce the firm’s impact. PwC is one of only a few firms, along with Deloitte and Chartis Group, that KLAS validated to have completed work in all five areas of healthcare management consulting. A number of respondents welcome PwC’s partnership-over-payment model, which ties the firm’s success to clients’; customers are pleased with PwC’s willingness to engage even outside the scope of any one engagement. Still, PwC can be expensive and salesy, and the firm sometimes struggles to adapt to clients’ needs. Huron Consulting brings a breadth of resources to their engagements. They are also mentioned often for excessive costs, and the firm’s arrogant attitudes and mediocre financial-improvement dashboards result in an overall satisfaction score 13 points lower than PwC’s or Deloitte’s.

most mentioned strengths

Healthcare Management Consulting Validations

klas validated consulting capabilities
author - Natalie Jamison
Natalie Jamison
author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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