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Patient Engagement 2017

Patient Engagement 2017
Where Do Vendors Make a Difference?

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The need for patient engagement is as old as medicine, but the use of information technology to engage patients is in its adolescence. Today, broad visions and experimentation exist, but there is a lack of consensus regarding end goals, and pathways are unclear. Resources to fuel progress are often in short supply, with most investments limited to the most obvious business cases, often at the departmental level. By asking provider organizations how they currently use solutions from major HIT vendors, this report takes a break from ideals to examine where the rubber truly meets the road of patient engagement: Why do organizations invest in certain vendor solutions? Where are vendors helping across a spectrum of patient engagement needs? Which vendors are most impactful and why?

Key Findings

  1. What Is Patient Engagement?
  2. Why Do Provider Organizations Invest in Vendor Solutions?
  3. Reclaiming Patient Engagement from Meaningful Use: Portals Dominate while Outreach Tools Compensate
  4. Most Impactful among EMR Vendors: athenahealth and eClinicalWorks
  5. Early Customers Say HealthGrid Adds Breadth to Traditional Best-of-Breed Depth
  6. Evariant and Influence Health CRM Tools Activate Patients and Prospects
  7. Inpatient-Focused Vendors Are Most Impactful for Episodic Care: CipherHealth, Emmi, and GetWellNetwork
  8. HealthGrid and Phytel Enable Data-Driven Disease Management
  9. Hints at Innovation: eClinicalWorks and Epic
  10. Patient Portals Outshine Best-of-Breed Solutions for Administrative Tasks
  11. Niche and Outreach Vendors Drive Further Investment

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