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Pharmacy Information Systems Pharmacy Information Systems
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Pharmacy Information Systems
In the Age of Integration

May 12, 2009

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The KLAS 2009 "Pharmacy Information Systems: In the Age of Integration", healthcare providers share the experiences they are having with their pharmacy vendor. This report reflects the opinions of more than 500 participants.

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Although the pharmacy information system has existed in the average hospital longer than many other automated solutions, there is still significant room for growth; users continue to report some of the lowest satisfaction scores of any area that KLAS tracks. A pharmacy system’s role in a hospital is key, but hospitals report that they cannot always trust this vital link--or, in some cases, its interfaced connection--to perform to its full capacity.

Many customers are demanding more safety, more integration, more efficiency, and the next generation of functionality. Some vendors are not offering an integrated pharmacy/inpatient EMR package, and even integrated systems are struggling to satisfy the pharmacy’s needs. In some cases, this makes the pharmacy system (which ought to be a foundation block of overall clinical system performance) the weak link.

With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) prompting many hospitals to reevaluate their current and prospective CIS solutions, hospitals are turning a critical eye toward pharmacy, posing important questions, especially about key enterprise players.

Overall, provider pharmacy decisions have trended toward enterprise solutions, with best-of-breed vendors making almost no new sales to large hospitals in the last few years. With the ever-increasing demands, vendors that are best able to integrate the pharmacy with their other offerings will be able to present a much stronger and more appealing portfolio to the market.

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