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Cynerio's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Medical-First IoT Platform
RTLS tracking of devices and insight into network usage

Cynerio’s automated and real-time discovery of assets and associated risks can assist in managing the growing operational challenges hospitals are facing, such as equipment shortages, limited space, and overwhelming load on IT networks.

To accommodate the developing needs (some of which can’t be forecasted), Cynerio’s platform, which is offered for free until the end of 2020, can be leveraged to achieve short- and long-term benefits:

Immediate benefits to address the current pressing needs:

  • Comprehensive discovery of all connected devices, physical locations, and utilization patterns (per device, department, and site) to allows efficient decision-making for the following:
    • redistributing equipment between departments and sites
    • rerouting patients between departments and/or sites
  • Support field hospitals and emergency sites—Cynerio’s asset location tracking integrates with RTLS and WLAN controllers
  • Real-time security-risk alerts prioritized by device criticality and impact (key in times of emergency)
  • Remote implementation and support with a virtual collector

Long-term benefits to allow flexibility and adaptability for unforeseeable changes:

  • Ongoing management of IT network load with instant insights into network topology and communications (including the new servers IT teams are setting up) to prevent network downtime, slowdown, or cessation of services
  • Fully customizable dashboards to allow needed flexibility for different roles. and to ensure the right information is served to the right people at the right time—crucial for remote workforce coordination
  • Real-time device visibility, including changing locations of assets
  • Control of cyber risks with virtual segmentation capabilities that allow short and safe ways to segment critical devices
  • Vendor access management for controlling vendor communications and patching schedules
  • Compliance with CDC, HIPAA, and state policies
cynerio medical first iot platform dashboard

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