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T2 Tech Group's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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IT implementation and project management
Project management for IT implementations, including telehealth applications

COVID-19 has caused business disruption and technology challenges for many organizations. To meet evolving business needs, T2 Tech Group provides IT project management services for healthcare organizations and a variety of other industries. T2 Tech Group’s highly experienced project managers maintain a track record of successfully completing large, complex IT projects on time and on budget. Whether you’re supporting demands of a new virtual workforce or implementing new telehealth services, T2 Tech Group will provide expert guidance from assessing the capabilities and knowing the limitations of your infrastructure or evaluating network and remote access to managing security concerns and team culture.

T2 Tech Group will oversee IT implementations, including telehealth applications, ensuring organization needs are met and operations are not disrupted. The hands-on approach balances the organization’s requirements, budget and time constraints, and alignment with IT operations. Whether you’re adjusting to a new work-from-anywhere policy or implementing telehealth services, T2 Tech Group will help you navigate this difficult time by implementing the right technology and providing expert project management along the way.

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