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Plans & Pricing

quote "I had one easy decision in the last 12 months. That was joining the Arch Collaborative. For a small community hospital doing a complete clinical and fiscal system replace, the access and resources of the Collaborative have been invaluable."

Chief Information Officer  |  Sturdy Memorial Hosptial
Plans and Pricing

hr See Sample Benchmark Survey
Standard Membership
annual fee
Everything in the Measurement & Benchmark plan, plus:
  • Measurements using the core Arch Collaborative survey.
  • Participation in our yearly Arch Collaborative Learning Summit.
  • Pre and Post surveys to measure targeted initiatives clinic by clinic or department by department.
  • Benchmarking of trainers to compare them to other trainers across the Collaborative.
  • Connecting outside data.
  • Access to the experience and insights of other Arch Collaborative members.
Organization Size
Standard Membership
Annual Fee (US$)
Ambulatory Clinics (Physicians)
11-75 $5,500
76-250 $11,000
251-750 $21,500
751-1,500 $32,500
1,501-3,000 $43,000
3,001-10,000 $54,000
10,001-20,000 $63,500
Hospitals (Beds)
1-250 $11,000
251-500 $21,500
501-1,000 $32,500
1,001-5,000 $43,000
5,001-10,000 $54,000
10,001+ Varies*

*10,001+ beds, governmental institutions, or non-standard/complex organizations require a custom quote depending on project scope.

How EHR Companies (Vendors) Can Help

Vendor Membership

Participate in the Collaborative to support your clients’ efforts to improve the EHR.

Membership includes:

  • Organization-wide access to the Learning Center with all Collaborative content
  • Opportunity to sponsor clients and help them join the Collaborative
  • Attendance at our National Learning Summit
  • One Deep-Dive session to learn about best practices and success principles

Arch Collaborative Sponsorships

Over 30 health systems have participated in the Collaborative through the Sponsorship Program.

As an EHR vendor, you can lead the charge in improving your solution for your customers. When you help your clients join the Collaborative, you take proactive steps toward positive change. You can then leverage Arch surveys to measure your impact on EHR satisfaction.

*Though the vendor can be an important piece to improving the EHR for clinicians, health organizations have complete control over survey and benchmarking data, regardless of sponsorship.