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The Arch Collaborative

"Without data, you're just another person with an opinion."

— W. Edwards Deming

What is the Arch Collaborative?

The Arch Collaborative is a provider-led effort to unlock the potential of EHRs in revolutionizing patient care. Through standardized surveys and benchmarking, healthcare organizations collaborate to uncover best practices and move the needle in healthcare IT. Currently, the Arch Collaborative is using measurement data to improve the EHR experience through training, governance, and culture.

The Arch Collaborative has helped over 200 provider organizations learn from feedback of their clinician EHR users.

Insights from over 100,000 clinician respondents are helping organizations find real solutions to a difficult challenge—physician and clinician frustration with the EHR.

The Arch Collaborative Learning Center brings together all the data based on verified best practices.

The Arch Collaborative has taken anecdotal stories of physician dissatisfaction and given them objectivity. Instead of reflexively listening to the loudest complainer, we now have data to guide us in our efforts to make our systems work for our physicians rather than the other way around.
John Lee
Chief Medical Information Officer
Edward-Elmhurst Health

Where would your providers rate their satisfaction with your EHR?

We used the Arch Collaborative as a barometer of our current EHR satisfaction. The data was invaluable to level set and communicate the feelings of our clinicians and compare them to other different and similar organizations. It will help us as we kick off our integrated EHR, and we are excited to see things improve as we implement the project and learn from others.
Rod Tarrago
Chief Medical Information Officer
Seattle Children's Hospital

The fact is that all EHRs see a very wide spread of user experience across different customer organizations.

So if you haven't benchmarked yourself against other like organization, then you probably don't know whether you have maximized your investment of millions of dollars into your EHR, and you don't truly know whether you have optimized the clinicians' experience with your EHR.

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Having the voice of the customers—our providers—in a benchmark paradigm is imperative to understanding where we, as an organization, are in the journey to provide a superlative clinical computing experience for our users. Otherwise we are in danger of making decisions based on anecdotal or squeaky-wheel feedback. We look forward to maturing this concept to influence all that we do for the provider experience.
Greg Ator
Chief Medical Informatics Officer and Senior Medical Director
University of Kansas Health System
The KLAS Arch Collaborative survey and program provide unbiased insights regarding clinician utilization and adoption of the electronic medical record along with practical recommendations to enhance these metrics across your healthcare enterprise. If you don’t know where you stand, it’s difficult to improve and become world-class.
Michael Restuccia
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Penn Medicine
The Arch Collaborative is important for our team because we understand where our current eMR install is at and what we can do to improve. We have found great value in collaborating with other organisations and learning from their best practices. We encourage other organisations to join this effort.
Aaron Jones
Chief Nursing and Midwifery Information Officer
Sydney Local Health District
The KLAS Arch Collaborative has helped me focus on the often overlooked yet critically impactful influence of EHR usability. Their method of benchmarked analyses combined with linking organizations to learn from one another has set a new standard for both EHR design and training collaboration in this space. It’s powerful to work together to get this right.
Lee Milligan
Vice-President/Chief Medical Information Officer
The Collaborative allows us to benefit from the wisdom, hard work, and objective results of other health systems. As a result, we get better faster.
Rob Schreiner
WellStar Medical Group

What have we learned so far?

KLAS has learned that drivers of EHR user satisfaction are predictable and consistent across organizations. Getting to high EHR satisfaction is no longer a mystery. After measuring feedback from over 70,000 clinicians at 150 provider organizations around the world, KLAS has found that successful organizations:

  • Have a quality EHR—we have validated very successful organizations using different EHRs
  • Help clinicians master EHR use
  • Help clinicians personalize the EHR to their needs
  • Create shared ownership/teamwork across the organization

Successful EHR use takes real leadership, and real leadership takes data.

At El Camino Hospital, we’ve leveraged the Arch Collaborative’s findings about electronic health record physician personalization to work one on one with our busiest physicians to ensure that they’re leveraging the power of our EHR. We’ve seen some impressive results, with one physician totally giving up dictation because she now has note templates that work just the way she wants.
Craig Joseph
Interim Chief Medical Information Officer
El Camino Hospital

From these findings, KLAS has developed a framework of success to better understand and guide organizations on their journey to improve utilization and satisfaction with their EHR.

The Arch Collaborative has been incredibly helpful to our organization over the past year. We have used this data to inform and focus our initiatives to improve our providers' satisfaction with the EHR. The framework the Collaborative has provided with respect to training, personalization, and building trust in IT is something that really resonates with our team and our providers and has shaped our discussions. The most valuable part of membership, though, is working with the KLAS staff. Their never-ending enthusiasm and positive energy are refreshing and rejuvenating for those of use in the trenches working with providers!
Shannon Dean
Chief Medical Information Officer
UW Health

What are healthcare organizations learning from the Arch Collaborative benchmarking?

Most organizations find that they can make meaningful changes without significant additional monetary investment; however, execution of these changes does require leadership and focus.

Here are examples of what some organizations have done with the results of their Collaborative benchmark study:

  • A large ambulatory group found that their existing governance process was slow and frustrating for users. Revamping the governance process led to a dramatic improvement in EHR satisfaction (verified in a second survey).
  • A large health system found that they needed to revamp their training process, blending coaching and training for experienced users.
  • A leading hospital engaged in a training reboot tied to an upcoming upgrade for their physicians.
  • A smaller health system found that the culture of their IT/informatics group needed improvement. Revenue-neutral staffing changes have helped this organization develop a more service-focused culture.
  • A community health system found that their clinical leadership was not bought in to the idea of approaching the EHR as a strategic asset. This organization used their benchmark data to drive important strategic conversations across the organization.

What would you

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the Arch Collaborative?

We found that the Arch Collaborative both affirmed our work and gave us meaningful feedback on how we could improve. The power of the data helped guide our efforts.
Robert Whitcomb
Chief Medical Information Officer, Perioperative Medical Informatics
Advocate Aurora Health
The Arch Collaborative has helped us assess the needs of our users and reach out to very specific areas to address those needs. The collaborative opportunity that the Arch Collaborative brings to the community of information technology in healthcare is changing how we think about interacting with electronic medical records now and in the future.
Milisa Rizer
Chief Clinical Information Officer
The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
Being part of the Arch Collaborative has created new opportunities for our organizational success. We have immersed ourselves in learning experiences that probably won’t feel comfortable at first given the challenges we all face in the healthcare industry, but the power of data-driven insights is giving us opportunities and making us nimble with that new knowledge.
Dhrumil Shah
Chief Medical Information Officer
Compass Medical
We feel participation in the Collaborative will help us advance our old system but also allow us to have a more active voice within the vendor community. The ability to benchmark against other similar organizations is very helpful.
Paul Clark
Chief Medical Information Officer
Concord Hospital
The Arch Collaborative has given us a different approach to consider our own internal data that is very useful. Sharing our data with their experts gave us a critical sounding board to refine and contextualize our local work.
Scott MacDonald
EHR Medical Director
UC Davis Health

Our Mission

Through shared measurement and collaboration, help provider organizations unlock the EHR’s potential to revolutionize healthcare efficiency and care quality.

Which Arch Collaborative solution is right for you?

without Benchmark
Let our team help you quickly and efficiently conduct the Arch Collaborative survey:
  • Utilize the tested Arch Collaborative EHR experience survey with questions measuring clinician burnout.
  • Leverage best practices for generating a high response rate.
  • Receive back raw response data and detailed slide deck showing key correlations and insights.
  • Meet with a KLAS EHR experience expert to understand insights that our team sees in your data.
  • For organizations that have already measured, trend recent response against past data, including analyzing same individual responses over time.
with Benchmark
See your data drive powerful organizational change as you add Arch Collaborative benchmarks:
  • Benchmark all survey responses by EHR, specialty, clinical background, and organization type to truly understand how your organization is performing.
  • Gain insights from the KLAS executive leader survey that identify powerful best practices your organization has not tapped.
  • Using the Arch Collaborative's three keys to success, identify where you need to target your improvement efforts.
  • Use clinician fulfillment and clinician burnout measurements to determine the strength of your overall delivery culture.
  • Add custom questions to the benchmark survey that your organization needs to ask.
Arch Collaborative
Collaborate with and learn from the highest performing provider organizations around the world. Leverage the size of the Arch Collaborative to continually measure and find real solutions. Yearly participation includes:
  • Unlimited measurement using the core Arch Collaborative survey.
  • KLAS-facilitated networking with over 60 other Arch Collaborative member organizations.
  • Yearly detailed report or video for disseminating Arch Collaborative survey results.
  • Access to over 70 case studies spotlighting the methods of successful organizations, including their contact information.
  • Participation in the yearly Arch Collaborative Learning Summit (May 15–17, 2019).
  • Trends reports showing the latest data trends and best practices the Arch Collaborative has uncovered.
  • Pre- and post-survey administration, helping you measure targeted improvement efforts clinic by clinic or department by department.
  • Connection with outside data, including mapping Collaborative results to Epic PEP and NEAT data.
  • Quality benchmarking of trainers to compare the feedback on your trainers to that of other trainers across the Collaborative.

Participation Costs

Organization Size
Measurement Without Benchmark (one time)
Measurement With Benchmark (one time)
Membership (Annual)
Ambulatory Clinic (0-250 Physicians)
Ambulatory Clinic (250+ Physicians)
1–100 Beds (Hospital/Health System)
101–500 Beds (Hospital/Health System)
501–1,000 Beds (Hospital/Health System)
1,001–5,000 Beds (Hospital/Health System)
5,001–10,000 Beds (Hospital/Health System)
10,000+ Beds (Hospital/Health System)
Pricing notes:
Costs of a lower level of participation can be applied towards a higher level within 6 months of measurement. Measurement for 10,000+ bed organizations requires a custom quote depending on project scope.

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The Arch Collaborative has benefitted our organisation by allowing us to implement learnings from the best-performing healthcare organisations in the world. The power for me is the creation of a global-learning health system based on the Arch methodology from KLAS. The Arch Collaborative has changed the way we use resources within our digital teams to make our spending more effective. It allows us to see what we are doing well and where we need to do work, and it gives us evidence from other healthcare organisations to allow us to optimise our systems.
Rachel Dunscombe
Director of Digital at Salford Royal NHS Trust
CEO, NHS Digital Academy
We are using the Arch Collaborative research to promote a data-driven approach to improving provider satisfaction with our EHR. Basing our approach on quality data has been invaluable in driving consensus and getting the investment needed to implement effective programs.
Doug Gentile
Chief Medical Information Officer
University of Vermont Health Network
I had one easy decision in the last 12 months. That was joining the Arch Collaborative. For a small community hospital doing a complete clinical and fiscal system replace, the access and resources of the Collaborative have been invaluable.
Brian Churchill
Chief Information Officer
Sturdy Memorial Hospital
By participating in the Arch Collaborative, we have been able to share with our organization how we compare in terms of physician EMR training and support and where our opportunities are based on user feedback through a structured tool. We are also able to learn from others about successful strategies that can augment our own. We plan to continue our participation in the Collaborative to monitor our progress in ongoing education.
Steve Schlossberg
Chief Medical Information Officer
John Muir Health
As an international hospital in a country that is evolving in its EMR-use maturity, it is great to be part of the Arch Collaborative. The Collaborative has allowed us to learn from others’ experiences and gives us access to analysis of tens of thousands of clinicians’ experiences. We use the information to drive our approach and plan for helping our clinicians to get the best out of the EMR. KLAS provides great collaboration, great enthusiasm, and great direction-setting and expertise.
Lauren Andrew
Change Manager, EMR Project
Royal Children’s Hospital

The Arch Collaborative Learning Center

KLAS wanted to create a central hub for all the insights produced from the thousands of global surveys completed within the Arch Collaborative. The Learning Center brings together all the data based on verified best practices.

As KLAS conducts analysis on overall Collaborative data, those findings are published in the Learning Center.

The Arch Collaborative uncovers answers to common questions such as:

  • What kind of training is most effective during go-live?
  • Do scribes increase physician satisfaction?
  • Does a bigger IT budget lead to better EHR success?
  • Does EHR satisfaction depend on clinician age?
  • How do other providers on my EHR solve problems?
  • Is anyone having success with their EHR?

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