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Ambulatory Therapy/Rehab 2018 Ambulatory Therapy/Rehab 2018
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Ambulatory Therapy/Rehab 2018
A Closer Look at the Specialty EMR Vendors

author - Aaron Gleave
Aaron Gleave
author - Sam Eaquinto
Sam Eaquinto
September 20, 2018 | Read Time: 4  minutes

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Utilization of ambulatory therapy/rehab services is expanding as healthcare providers, patients, and payers look for treatment options that are less risky and more cost effective than surgery and drug therapy. Some of the ambulatory organizations that provide these services use general (non-specialty) ambulatory EMRs. Others choose EMRs tailored specifically to the ambulatory therapy/ rehab market. Several vendors offer such products, but how well do these specialty vendors deliver solutions, relationships, and reporting that meet the market’s unique needs? What are their strengths and shortcomings?

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WebPT Maintains Market-Leading Performance across Large Customer Base; Clinicient, Raintree Also Strong Options

overall client satisfaction comparison

The market leader in both overall performance and market share, WebPT maintains consistently high satisfaction across their large customer base. The solution is easy to use, and WebPT keeps it up to date with insurance changes and compliance regulations. WebPT also delivers strong, supportive relationships, and 100% of interviewed customers say that the vendor keeps their promises.

Clinicient customers who have received thorough training are happy with the solution’s robust functionality and feel the tools are tailored to their needs. Customers who received insufficient training can feel overwhelmed by the system’s extensive functionality.

A highly flexible solution, the Raintree system gives users the ability to customize it to their needs. However, system updates sometimes erase these customizations, forcing users to reimplement them. Even still, Raintree is the only vendor to have 100% of interviewed customers say they would buy the solution again.

Support Is a Pain Point for Casamba and Net Health Customers

support ratings

Customers of Casamba and Net Health (ReDoc Private Practice) share many of the same complaints regarding support. Feedback comes from a limited number of customers, but both groups receive system updates without prior communication and without documentation to explain the changes. Both also report long turnaround times for support tickets. While ReDoc Private Practice customers receive strong guidance and support during implementations, these things drop off sharply once the system is live.

In contrast, WebPT fosters strong customer relationships. WebPT customers particularly highlight the vendor’s support representatives, who are empowered to resolve issues themselves. Clinicient’s support is described as proactive, and representatives reach out to customers following upgrades to explain what has changed. Clinicient scores lower than WebPT for keeping promises, due primarily to missed timelines—Clinicient delivers on their promises but is often late in doing so.

WebPT Excels in Simplicity; Clinicient Customers Need Strong Training to Utilize System’s Extensive Functionality

quality of training vs needed functionality

The vendors in this report all provide EMR solutions specific to the therapy/rehab market, but they are not equal in providing the tailored functionality and workflows needed by therapy/rehab organizations. In this area, WebPT stands out once again, delivering an intuitive solution that flows the way clinicians expect it to. Users are happy with the training and don’t need a lot of it given the system’s intuitive usability. Clinicient customers who feel they have had sufficient training praise the solution for its robust functionality, while those who feel training was lacking often feel overwhelmed. Casamba’s workflows are described as inefficient and cumbersome, requiring too many steps for documentation. Net Health’s ReDoc Private Practice customers also suffer from usability issues, including redundant documentation, pop-ups that block the screen, a lack of hot keys, excessive clicking, and delayed system response times.

Clinicient Delivers Highly Robust Reporting

The regulatory requirements for therapy/rehab providers necessitate strong reporting functionality. KLAS did not ask respondents to specifically rate their reporting, yet the subject was spontaneously mentioned by many, indicating that it is a top-of-mind issue. Clinicient excels in this area, offering some of the most robust, complete reporting. Feedback from Clinicient customers regarding report availability and accuracy is almost entirely positive. Reporting is a weak spot for WebPT, with customers saying they aren’t able to run the types of reports they would like. Customers are optimistic this weakness will be addressed in future updates. Raintree and Net Health ReDoc Private Practice clients both have some issues, but Raintree clients say the reporting has improved.

casamba clinicient net health raintree webpt

Most Interviewed Net Health ReDoc PP Customers Feel Stuck or Plan to Leave

customers future plans

75% of interviewed Net Health ReDoc Private Practice customers would not choose the product again given the chance. However, 77% say the solution is still part of their long-term plans, indicating that many organizations feel stuck—while they would not purchase the solution again, they don’t feel they can leave, perhaps due to their perceptions of ReDoc Private Practice as a low-cost option. Some Casamba clients are in a similar predicament—just over half (54%) would buy the solution again.

author - Elizabeth Pew
Elizabeth Pew
author - Natalie Jamison
Natalie Jamison
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