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Application Hosting

Application Hosting
Offloading Risk and Cost?

January 13, 2010

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Under increased pressure to meet clinically focused HITECH requirements, organizations across the country face challenges implementing and supporting healthcare applications, stretching already taut resources. Some healthcare organizations are hosting applications through a software vendor or service firm, expecting to free up resources, reduce costs, and focus on improving patient outcomes.

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But does hosting really reduce costs and headaches, or do unexpected issues outweigh the benefits? Does any firm host all key best-of-breed applications well? Running core clinical systems is critical and complex; who hosts them best? Regarding ERP hosting, what are the options? To answer these and other questions, KLAS collected personal experiences from 176 clients currently hosting their clinical information system (CIS), hospital information system (HIS, the combination of revenue management and/or ERP and/or CIS from the same vendor), or enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution through a third party.

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