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Cerner Revenue Cycle Management, Report 2 of 4
Has Cerner Changed Course?

author - Boyd Stewart
Boyd Stewart
author - Alex McIntosh
Alex McIntosh
May 8, 2019 | Read Time: 3  minutes

In August 2018, representatives from some of Cerner’s largest and most complex customers met with Cerner executives to participate in a transparent summit around revenue cycle success. The purpose of this summit was to provide Cerner with enough insight to enable Cerner to conduct a significant pivot to regain client confidence in Cerner and deliver a world-class RCM solution. After the summit, Cerner made specific commitments to clients on when issues would be addressed.

Has Cerner Pivoted?
All But One Say No

Of the more than 40 study participants who contributed feedback, one reports a significant shift in Cerner’s intensity and focus; all others await this change. There are a number of positive changes that Cerner RCM clients report:

  • The creation and kickoff of advisory groups and councils has been well received and improves communication.
  • The delivery of two beta workflows to a complex client are confirmed after initial testing and will reduce workarounds and improve RCM functionality.
  • Several large, complex clients report that communication with Cerner is improving.
status of cerners commitments to customers

Cerner Improving Relationships; Follow-Through Needed

Some Cerner RCM customers report improved relationships. Much of this improvement is attributed directly to an increase in Cerner’s organization-specific communication. Generalized communication has had little impact. Communication with Cerner is improving, and continued improvement is critical.

does your relationship with cerner feel better than it did six months ago
more engaged and communicate enhancements and a vision
the news you can use quote
cerner is opening up more than they have before quote

Client Advisory Groups Increasing Optimism among Participating Clients

Cerner has formed advisory groups comprised of RCM clients in specific areas to gather and address client feedback and concerns. Among those advisory group members interviewed, the tone is positive, with nearly all agreeing that Cerner’s willingness to listen has improved. These changes have caused customers to be more hopeful than they were previously. Nearly all of these clients agree that change is a slow process and are waiting to see actual results from Cerner.

New RCM Clients Experiencing Upgraded Implementation Approach Reflect Little Improvement

KLAS interviewed all of the new-client implementations that Cerner indicated would confirm improvement. Two of the nine stated that implementations are better than before. The others report that expertise remains inconsistent, and they do not have high confidence that other providers going live with revenue cycle will be successful. When the design team from Cerner was directly involved with the build, clients reported better outcomes.

much worse than expected quote

Advanced Cerner Customers Reporting Slight Improvements

Customers generally feel that Cerner still lacks much of the understanding that is needed to deliver a world-class RCM solution.

Confidence in Cerner’s ability to deliver a world-class RCM solution has increased marginally, while the number of clients who are actively unconfident has decreased. Many clients are now “on the fence” as Cerner moves toward being more transparent and improves their communication with clients. However, many clients are skeptical and are waiting on promised improvements in the road map to lead to better outcomes.

how well does cerner understand what it takes to deliver a world class rcm solution
how confident are you that cerner will deliver a world class rcm solution
there is still a huge gap quote
cerner seems to be investing more rigor and attention quote
how close is cerner to delivering a world class rcm solution

Clients have seen a small increase in confidence over the past quarter. Cerner remains less than halfway toward delivering a world-class RCM solution.

i do feel that cerner has shown some committment quote
author - Jenna Anderson
Project Manager
Jenna Anderson
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