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Clinical Process Improvement 2018 Clinical Process Improvement 2018
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Clinical Process Improvement 2018
Paving the Way for Improved Clinical Processes

April 24, 2018 | Read Time: 3  minutes

Tools that provide clinical-process insights assist healthcare leaders as they identify clinical areas in need of improvement and facilitate operational interventions. Use cases include improving staff efficiency, compliance, and workflow via clinical data aggregation, analytics, and reporting functionality.

What Are Clinical Process Improvement Solutions?

CPI solutions use data to drive improvement in clinical processes. The five vendors in this report fit under three broad approaches, which are based on the data analyzed and the ways they ultimately effect change.

what are clinical process improvement solutions
vendor profiles

While customers of every EMR vendor are often using their EMR to improve care, only Cerner customers could point to a specific tool set targeted at clinical process improvement that KLAS could measure in this research. Both Cerner and Epic customers pointed to solutions that help monitor clinician EMR usage (Epic PEP and Cerner Advance), but these tool sets are outside the focus of this report as they are designed to assist clinicians in using the EMR better, not driving specific improvements to clinical processes and outcomes.

Focus on Clinician Behavior Leads to Quick Wins for LogicStream Health and Stanson Health Customers

It should be noted that the two standout performers in this research, Stanson Health and LogicStream Health, have only limited data samples in this research as their customer bases are recently emerging. Customers say that solutions from LogicStream Health and Stanson Health provide quick insights by analyzing clinicians’ EMR activity. They say studying the adoption and effectiveness of order sets (especially LogicStream Health) and alerts (especially Stanson Health) helps guide EMR optimization as well as target coaching and training efforts for the most needful clinicians. Currently, LogicStream Health and Stanson Health are options mainly for Epic customers. Cerner’s customers say their process improvement modules primarily deliver insights by assessing risk on a patient-by-patient basis and also say that greater access to detailed data would provide more strategic value.

vendor strength in identifying opportunities for improvement

Analysis of Quality Measures Broadens Premier and Truven Health’s Usefulness

Premier and Truven Health have large, established customer bases using their quality management tools for historical-outcomes measurement and regulatory reporting. Some take advantage of patient- and provider-level drill-down tools and benchmarking to discover opportunities to refine clinical processes and coach individual physicians. While Premier and Truven Health customers designate fewer end users, the breadth and depth of data makes insights more broadly impactful across a health system. The applicability of Cerner’s solution is defined by customers’ purchase of modules from Cerner’s Performance Improvement solution set that address specific issues, most popularly readmissions and sepsis.

which clinical areas do providers seek to improve

Lack of Trust Is a Barrier to Influencing Clinicians

The impact of CPI solutions is often limited by the willingness of clinicians to be influenced by the data that is presented to them. According to respondents, culture and sometimes age lead some physicians to ignore or override guidelines and workflows around standards of care. LogicStream Health and Stanson Health customers say the ease of use and accessibility of their tools for rank-and-file clinicians help increase interest and inspire trust in the data. Premier and Truven Health customers say access to their tools is limited to a smaller group of end users (e.g., quality department staff), but the use of data to drive personal education and coaching increases influence. Cerner customers say greater access to data and flexibility of reporting tools are needed.

physician adherence to standards of care vs ease of use

Cerner, LogicStream Health, and Stanson Health Deemed High-Touch Vendors

Strategic guidance and responsive service are common among most vendors. LogicStream Health and Stanson Health, relatively young companies with smaller customer bases, are praised for consistently positive service and relationship experiences that contribute to high ratings in most dimensions of this research. Most Cerner customers give strong praise for the expertise and collaboration Cerner brings to the table. Premier customers describe inconsistency in the skills and responsiveness of vendor representatives. Truven Health customers are the most likely to say they are happy with a more distant vendor relationship, and due to this, some declined to rate Truven Health’s strategic guidance.

score distribution for strength of vendors strategic guidance
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