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Clinical Workflow Perception Report 2006 Clinical Workflow Perception Report 2006
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Clinical Workflow Perception Report 2006

January 24, 2006

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The cry for workflow capabilities in clinical solutions to improve patient safety and outcomes can be seen in advertisements and brochures across the industry. Behind the scenes, outcomes are improving. Less time spent on unproductive tasks and patients experiencing safer, more enjoyable treatments are visions of the future enabled by “smarter” software. Workflow Management is a natural component of that software.

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But how important is it and where is it headed?

These questions and more are answered in KLAS’ 2006 Clinical Workflow Perception Report. The report takes a look at what providers think of the current state of Workflow Management Systems and who they believe will be providing such tools in the future.

This study is based on 107 provider interviews from a cross-section of participants, size of facility, and core enterprise vendor. The scope of this study is limited to vendors who are able to provide enterprise-wide solutions for the majority of the applications portfolio. Providers shared perceptions on a wide range of vendors and KLAS has elected to include them in this study. Future KLAS studies will be focused on a broader range of WFMS vendors as the marketplace evolves.

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