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Community HIS 2006 Community HIS 2006
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Community HIS 2006

August 14, 2006

The Community HIS study examines functionality of Community Hospital Information System product suites which are live at acute care organizations smaller than 200 beds.

The study also includes research on the performance of clinical data repository, nurse documentation/charting and/or physician documentation solutions.

Overall, vendor performance has declined over the past two years. In fact, thirty months ago six vendors scored above the KLAS HIT average of 75.8, whereas today only two do—an indication of the challenges facing today's community providers.

Select Findings of Interest

  • Positive commentary is a challenge. At 55 percent positive commentary, the Community HIS vendors average well below the KLAS HIT average of 62 percent.
  • Cost and Functionality are key to the selection process and are the most cited reasons as to why or why not a vendor is selected.
  • All vendors have some clients live with nurse documenting and charting; the percentage of nurse adoption within these facilities, however, varies: two vendors have high rates of adoption (75-85% range) while two other vendors have a very low adoption rate (20-30% range).

Questions the Study Answers

  • Which vendors score best in the community hospital setting?
  • Which vendors have the highest percentage of nurses charting and documenting? Which have the lowest?
  • Which vendors rate best for functional strength?
  • What is the reported missing functionality for each vendor's product?

Vendors Included in the Study

The main body of the report examines eight vendor products: CPSI, Dairyland, HMS Monitor, Keane InSight, McKesson Paragon, Meditech C/S, QuadraMed Affinity, and Siemens MedSeries4.

An addendum features four early data Community HIS solutions:
American HealthNet Clarus, IntraNexus ALLEGRA, Cerner Millennium PowerChart and M2 Emphas!s Clinical Information Suite.

author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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