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Decision Insights Report 2018 Decision Insights Report 2018
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Decision Insights Report 2018
National Trends & Best Practices

author - Jason Hess
Jason Hess
author - Sam Eaquinto
Sam Eaquinto
April 17, 2018 | Read Time: 6  minutes

The Decision Insights National Trends and Best Practices report will help providers understand which vendors have market energy, are being considered in purchase decisions, and why their peers are considering those vendors. The report will also explore the relationship between market energy, provider retention, and provider satisfaction in determining which vendors are delivering a superior overall experience for provider organizations. KLAS will be highlighting 30+ vendors in 22 market segments.

What are Decision Insights?

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For over 20 years, KLAS has reported on the experience and reported outcomes of vendors' current customers.

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KLAS now introduces Decision Insights, which are designed to reveal the perceptions and plans of potential customers.

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Decision Insights are recorded when provider organizations report to KLAS that they have recently purchased or plan to purchase a software solution.

Decision Insights help provider organizations understand which vendors have market energy and why other organizations are considering these vendors.

Decision Insights are not designed to be a comprehensive census or win/loss market share study.

Decision Insights data is currently available online for 22 software market segments; for access to this data, click on the links below:

340B Management Systems

Acute Care EHR

Acute Care EHR—Global (Non-US)

Ambulatory EHR


Emergency Department

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Healthcare Business Intelligence & Analytics




PACS—Global (Non-US)

Patient Accounting & Patient Management

Population Health

Practice Management

Retail Pharmacy—Outpatient

Secure Communications

Small Practice Ambulatory EMR/PM (<10 Physicians)

Speech Recognition: Front-End EMR

Talent Management

Virtual Care Platforms

VNA/Image Archive

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Highest-Energy HIT Vendors: Who Satisfies and Keeps Their Customers?

Over the past 12 months, provider organizations have shared with KLAS insights regarding 1,157 software decisions that have been made in the past 12 months or will be made within the next 24 months. Unsurprisingly, the vendors most considered in these HIT decisions are enterprise EMR vendors.

In decisions across the entire HIT software spectrum, 35 vendors received at least 10 considerations. These vendors with high market energy may or may not be direct competitors with each other. Only 8 of the 35 can boast both high customer satisfaction (Overall KLAS Score >85) and high customer retention (>90% of current go-forward solution customers plan to stay). In this report, these 8 vendors are designated as the "A-list."

vendor market energy

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The A-List: An Overview

Below is an overview of each vendor who has demonstrated a track record of high market energy (considerations), high overall customer satisfaction, and high customer retention.

The 2018 A-List (across all market segments):


Carestream offers one of the most well-rounded PACS solutions on the market, with strong functionality, support, and ease of use. Carestream's high-performing universal viewer and VNA contribute to customers' overall satisfaction and high retention


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Epic has one of the most consistent track records in all of healthcare, with a broad integrated suite of products and a powerful focus on listening to and delivering to customer needs.

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Health Catalyst continues to show healthcare vendors and providers alike that data has the power to create change. Health Catalyst customers consistently report strong outcomes, even saved patient lives, driven by Health Catalyst’s strong software and, even more importantly, their guidance in creating change.


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Most widely known for their integration and HIE solutions, InterSystems also offers a high performing EMR (sold outside North America). Customers report that InterSystems combines a strong focus on customers’ best interests with software that does what is needed.

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MModal offers highly rated speech recognition, documentation, and transcription solutions. Customers often report that these solutions help them achieve desired outcomes without going over budget. This focus on high value combined with quality, easy-to-use software makes MModal a vendor that customers keep.


nuance logo

Widely recognized and adopted, Nuance offers a broad portfolio of speech, CDI, coding, and even diagnostic imaging solutions that all boast above average satisfaction. Customers praise Nuance’s focus on continued innovation and solid support.

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Sectra offers a Best in KLAS PACS solution that is functional and easy to use. While the software is good, the support is better—customers regularly report that the vendor provides the best support experience they have ever had.


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ERP has historically been considered a market with “few good options.” Workday is quickly changing that perception. While Workday’s ERP solution is not as functionally complete as other established solutions, their focus on customer needs and continuing innovation has customers satisfied.

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How Does Current Customer Satisfaction Impact Market Energy?

Unexpected: Higher Customer Satisfaction Drives Only Slightly Higher Consideration

Consideration rate doesn't necessarily correlate with satisfaction score. When making software decisions, provider organizations are only slightly more likely to consider vendors with high satisfaction ratings over vendors with low satisfaction ratings (p = .038). More often, how frequently a vendor is considered is tied to other factors, such as market share, regional market energy, and referrals.


overall satisfaction by consideration rate

But Higher Customer Satisfaction Drives Significantly Higher Win Rates

Vendors with low satisfaction are frequently considered but are not regularly selected. When selecting from considered vendors, provider organizations are dramatically more likely to choose a vendor whose customers currently report high satisfaction. For every 1 point increase in satisfaction score, the likelihood that a vendor will be selected goes up 1.3 percentage-points (p <.001).

Healthcare has long been known as a highly connected industry in which a vendor’s reputation matters. If your vendor is not delivering well for you, they are very likely struggling to sell to new clients. Vendors who expend energy to gain consideration but fail to concentrate on overall customer satisfaction will not see a long-term ROI for their efforts.

vendor klas score vs win rate

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How Do the Drivers of HIT Purchasing Differ by Market Segment?

Every market is different. The chart below provides details about the most common purchasing drivers in the market segments in which KLAS has interviewed at least 15 unique organizations about their plans to adopt new software.

high energy market segments
author - Taylor Davis
Taylor Davis
author - Natalie Jamison
Natalie Jamison
author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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This material is copyrighted. Any organization gaining unauthorized access to this report will be liable to compensate KLAS for the full retail price. Please see the KLAS DATA USE POLICY for information regarding use of this report. © 2024 KLAS Research, LLC. All Rights Reserved. NOTE: Performance scores may change significantly when including newly interviewed provider organizations, especially when added to a smaller sample size like in emerging markets with a small number of live clients. The findings presented are not meant to be conclusive data for an entire client base.