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Credentialing 2022 Credentialing 2022
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Credentialing 2022
What Solutions Have Fulfilled Their Efficiency Promise?

author - Niel Oscarson
Niel Oscarson
author - Emily Paxman
Emily Paxman
October 18, 2022 | Read Time: 6  minutes

Credentialing management has historically required dozens of spreadsheets, manual data entry, and painstaking monitoring of multiple payer, state, and national databases—causing significant inefficiencies and expenses. Vendors providing credentialing software and/or services promise major efficiency gains for healthcare organizations, but not all offerings are equally effective. This report examines three strong predictors of efficiency—the use of automations, strong credentialing workflows, and vendor partnership/guidance—to determine how well vendors are living up to their promises.

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Key Findings:

  1. How Vendors Deliver Credentialing Offerings
  2. ASM & Modio Health Reduce Turnaround Times, Consolidate Tracking; RLDatix’s Strong Automation & Services Drive Satisfaction
  3. Industry-Wide, Workflows Need Improvement; Customers of symplr & VerityStream (Limited Data) Struggle Most Due to Poor Training
  4. Silversheet (Limited Data) Struggles to Eliminate Manual Work for Customers; New VerityStream (Limited Data) Platform Requires Significant Work to Build Useful Automations
  5. Document Autofill, Virtual Committee & License Verification Automations Drive Most Satisfaction
  6. Modio Health & RLDatix (Limited Data) Stand Out with Strong Guidance; QGenda (Limited Data) Also Shows Promise
author - Natalie Hopkins
Natalie Hopkins
author - Jessica Bonnett
Jessica Bonnett
author - Ethan Lui
Project Manager
Ethan Lui
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