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Digital Rounding 2018 Digital Rounding 2018
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Digital Rounding 2018
A First Look at Digital Rounding Vendor Performance

author - Adam Cherrington
Adam Cherrington
June 12, 2018 | Read Time: 2  minutes

Increasingly, payers are adjusting reimbursements based on the quality of the patient experience. This has led to increased interest in rounding solutions that help hospitals measure and improve patient satisfaction during patients’ stays. Solutions are offered from several different vendor types, including those that already specialize in IPS, patient outreach, nurse communications, and consulting; as well as standalone vendors who have not yet been on the KLAS radar. With so many vendors in play, this report will clarify for providers what their options are and what the potential experience will be with the various vendors.

digital rounding process

High Overall Satisfaction; Inconsistent Satisfaction but Broader Use among Advisory Board and Vocera Customers

Overall, digital rounding vendors deliver a positive customer experience: four of the six rated receive overall performance scores above 90 (out of 100). For most customers, the experience is positive from the very beginning, with vendors correctly setting expectations, providing successful implementations, and delivering responsive ongoing support. For some customer bases, however, high satisfaction is less consistent. Advisory Board and Vocera users are most likely to report challenges, likely a consequence of having higher expectations created by their deeper adoption across multiple use cases.

overall performance scores

Vendors Jump into Digital Rounding, but Synergies within Solution Suites Have Yet to Materialize

In the last few years, the number of vendors on KLAS’ radar offering digital rounding solutions has doubled, and it continues to grow. In most cases, vendors are pairing digital rounding solutions with other patient engagement offerings through acquisition, partnership, and new development. While vendors advertise synergies among the various components of their patient engagement suites, few customers currently report seeing such benefits. Even so, customer purchases of digital rounding solutions are heavily influenced by which vendors organizations already have existing relationships with for other products and services.

vendor profiles

Today’s Vendor Strengths May Obscure Weaknesses That Hinder Future Potential

Provider organizations routinely say their vendor is meeting expectations very well in several rounding-specific areas. For many, however, expectations are currently somewhat low. Customers often view their rounding solution as little more than an electronic version of an otherwise paper-based process and thus say it has only a moderate impact on the overall patient experience. Many vendors are propping up functionality gaps in areas that could support more sophisticated use in the future—such as adaptability and analytics—with responsive support teams that handle customization requests. This model inhibits customer-driven expansion and may be unsustainable as customer bases continue to grow. Only TruthPoint stands out in the most challenging area of reporting and analytics.

digital rounding ratings
author - Natalie Jamison
Natalie Jamison
author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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