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Enterprise Imaging Guidebook 2022 Enterprise Imaging Guidebook 2022
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Enterprise Imaging Guidebook 2022
A Comprehensive Guide to Developing an Enterprise Imaging Strategy

author - Monique Rasband
Monique Rasband
author - Emily Paxman
Emily Paxman
August 3, 2022 | Read Time: 22  minutes

Since 2017, KLAS has hosted four separate summits on enterprise imaging (EI), each time bringing together healthcare executive thought leaders to discuss EI issues and define guidelines. The insights gleaned from these summits represent the combined wisdom of some of the industry’s top EI experts.

This white paper summarizes the discussions from the most recent summit—held in May 2022—and also pulls in findings from previous summits to form a succinct EI guide intended to help provider organizations on their enterprise imaging journey. The following sections are included:

  • A definition of enterprise imaging and an outline of the functionalities required for a strong enterprise imaging strategy
  • Advice for the RFP process
  • Best practices for workflow, governance, and vendor delivery
  • Keys to success outside of technology, including strategies for (1) safely managing sensitive images within an enterprise imaging infrastructure and (2) navigating enterprise imaging in a post-pandemic world


author - Sarah Hanson
Sarah Hanson
author - Jess Wallace-Simpson
Jess Wallace-Simpson
author - Jill Wilcock
Project Manager
Jill Wilcock
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