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Epic Ambulatory 2020—Community Connect

Epic Ambulatory 2020—Community Connect
The Reality of Community Connect vs. Direct Contracting

Authored by: Aaron Gleave and Alex McIntosh April 2, 2020 | Read Time: 3  minutes

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Because of Epic’s presence in the healthcare market and their record of strong performance, many standalone (i.e., not associated with a hospital) midsize to large ambulatory organizations have chosen or are seriously considering Epic’s platform. These organizations have two options: contract directly with Epic for an independent instance of the solution, or contract with a local hospital/IDN under the Community Connect model. This research—KLAS’ first look at the differences between these approaches on the ambulatory side—includes two main findings from standalone ambulatory organizations:

(1) With direct contracting, Epic delivers a highly satisfactory experience for midsize to large ambulatory organizations.
(2) Those on Community Connect, who rely on their host organization for support, tend to be considerably less satisfied and fault Epic for allowing host organizations to deliver an experience below Epic’s usual standard.

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Key Findings

  1. Satisfaction Lower with Community Connect—Providers Fault Epic
  2. In Direct Contracting Model, Epic Delivers Strong Support
  3. Training Shortcomings by Host Organizations Have Downstream Effects on Community Connect Customers
  4. Amount of Organizational Control Has Substantial Impact on Epic’s Perceived Value
  5. Data Insights
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