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Epic Pharmacy Solutions 2020

Epic Pharmacy Solutions 2020
What Progress Has Epic Made With Medication Inventory and IV Workflow Management?

October 22, 2020 | Read Time: 5  minutes

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Despite pressure to take an Epic-first approach to software decisions, many pharmacies at Epic organizations have held on to third-party products due to the relative immaturity of some of Epic’s more recently developed pharmacy solutions. However, Epic has put significant focus on broad pharmacy development (the only enterprise EMR vendor to have done so), and customers want to know—is it time to switch? To answer this question, this report explores medication inventory management (MIM) and IV workflow management—the two areas where Epic has focused much of their development efforts—to validate what capabilities these modules deliver and where gaps still exist.

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Key Findings

  1. Overall Progress Report: Technology Development Slow and Steady; Workflows and Optimization Left to the Customer
  2. Medication Inventory Management (Willow Inventory)
    • Willow Tracks In-Scope Medications Well; Gaps Remain with Reporting
    • Inventory Data from Third-Party Sources Often Incomplete
  3. IV Workflow Management (IV Dispense Prep)
    • IV Dispense Prep Meets Core Needs; Lacks More Advanced Capabilities Out of the Box
  4. Epic Pharmacy Ecosystem
    • Epic’s Pharmacy Functionality Delivers Breadth but Not Depth
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