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Health at Home White Paper 2021 Health at Home White Paper 2021
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Health at Home White Paper 2021

author - Schafer Jackson
Schafer Jackson
author - Dan Czech
Dan Czech
author - Ciera Walker
Ciera Walker
September 29, 2021 | Read Time: 1  minute

In the wake of COVID-19, health at home is growing in popularity as provider organizations seek to deliver high-quality, lower-cost patient care while minimizing the health risks associated with the hospital environment. To this end, organizations have begun offering acute care services at home, in addition to existing post–acute care options. The technology, supplies, services, and staffing needed for health at home can be quite complex, and the many interdependent pieces may be adopted à la carte or as a comprehensive offering. To help provider organizations better understand this dynamic market, this paper establishes a health at home framework and answers key questions about what provider organizations may want to consider for their own health at home strategies. While KLAS’ customer satisfaction research for health at home is emerging, we have existing data for areas like home health, hospice, and private duty/personal care; links to this data are provided where appropriate.

COVID-19 Shifting Patient Care from Hospitals to Homes

  1. Why Are Organizations Adopting Health at Home Strategies?
  2. What Is Health at Home?
  3. What Outcomes Can Organizations Expect?
  4. How Will KLAS Continue to Measure Health at Home Vendors?
  5. Which Vendors Support Health at Home Initiatives?
author - Sarah Hanson
Sarah Hanson
author - Jessica Bonnett
Jessica Bonnett
author - Natalie Jamison
Project Manager
Natalie Jamison
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This material is copyrighted. Any organization gaining unauthorized access to this report will be liable to compensate KLAS for the full retail price. Please see the KLAS DATA USE POLICY for information regarding use of this report. © 2024 KLAS Research, LLC. All Rights Reserved. NOTE: Performance scores may change significantly when including newly interviewed provider organizations, especially when added to a smaller sample size like in emerging markets with a small number of live clients. The findings presented are not meant to be conclusive data for an entire client base.

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