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Human Capital Management

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Human Capital Management 2014 Human Capital Management 2014
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Human Capital Management 2014
Just Efficient Is Not Sufficient

author - Joe VanDeGraaff
Joe VanDeGraaff
August 4, 2014 | Read Time: 2  minutes

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Human capital management (HCM) is all about employing and managing a workforce and is the number-one cost for healthcare providers. This report differentiates vendors based on the products they offer, how well they deliver efficiency, & more.

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Beyond Efficient | Stands above rest and seen as exception to the rule for performance and impact; behind only in TM. Traction accelerating.


Efficient | Large healthcare presence, but mixed reviews for overall impact and much lower client satisfaction than GE (API HC). Cost savings largely attributed tointegration. Optimism for future vision.


Efficient | Healthy efficiency perception for staffing automation, but broader HCM picture overshadowed by concerns about development, integration, and long-term viability.


Idle | Strongest TM presence among suite vendors but minimal penetration in HR/payroll, T&A, and SS. Below-average impact on efficiency and little client confidence in delivery and direction.


Idle | Infor’s HCM suite seen as broadest, but Infor’s relationship struggles and eagerness to sell contribute to minimal efficiency gains and below-average confidence in future vision.


Idle | Most adverse client reviews of all vendors in this report; only vendor to receive negative efficiency ratings from clients. Large ERP presence but not used for SS or T&A.




Beyond Efficient | Strong efficiency and cost-reduction impact. Market adoption growing as high client satisfaction compels more large facilities to adopt Avantas.


Efficient | Early reviews highlight strong efficiency and notable optimism for ongoing vendor development and progress. Advanced clinical scheduling capabilities a differentiator, but no mainstream traction yet.


Efficient | Most clients see OnShift as cost effective and satisfactory for their needs. Very niche player, but overall seen as efficient and best option in the longtermcare space.


Efficient | Cerner seen as large vendor with small but important HCM play.Client satisfaction has dropped since Clairvia acquisition, but clients continue to seevalue and efficiency.


Efficient | Seen as efficient but mostly stationary. Rarely considered in large rfacilities. No real change anticipated.



Beyond Efficient | Close and ongoing attention to support and customer-centered product development give Halogen an edge in TM. Impact on managing staffon par with other players, but stronger future outlook.


Efficient | Largest market share in TM. Affordability and long-term consistency in product quality appreciated by clients, but slowed delivery of new technology yields drop in satisfaction.


Idle | Learning platform often seen and used in back grounddespite notable market presence. Efficiency benefits seen as average, but most clients unfamiliar with vendor’s future plans/vision.


Idle | Narrow, clinically focused learning system fills niche among caregivers for content and training needs, but impact seen as below average due to minimal HCM role and footprint.

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