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ICD-10 Consulting Services ICD-10 Consulting Services
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ICD-10 Consulting Services
Who Can Help?

author - Mike Smith
Mike Smith
March 10, 2014 | Read Time: 4  minutes

With only months until the October 2014 ICD-10 deadline, most providers have moved past assessments and on to implementing their road maps and project plans. However, many still need more help with staff training, remediation, and workflow and system optimization. With time running out, which third-party firms can providers turn to? What services do they provide, and how do they perform?

performance vs scope of icd 10 projectsicd 10 projects in process vs planned


1. Fifty-four percent of respondents reported staff training and education as the area in which they need the most help.

Precyse is the most frequently used for eLearning and received nearly perfect satisfaction scores in this area. Optum and 3M have the highest marks for on-site training. 3M and Precyse have the most providers utilizing them for help for on-site physician training, while the Advisory Board is the most considered firm for providers that need help in this area.

2. Deloitte, EY, and PwC doing the most large-scale ICD-10 implementations.

All three firms functioned as the PMO for multiple large-scale ICD-10 efforts that included coding, CDS and vendor remediation, enterprise-wide testing, payer contracting, and training/education. Of the three, PwC had the most large implementation projects, while Deloitte received the highest marks in this area.

3. Many providers need help with testing; field narrows; no one has deep experience.

Deloitte, EY, Hayes Management Consulting, Leidos, Optum, PwC, and Siemens each had between one and two clients that used them for both application and end-to-end testing. 3M and Cerner did as well, but most of their work was testing their own applications. Beacon Partners, C3, MMY Consulting, and Morgan Hunter were also considered by providers for help with testing.

4. Demand shifting from assessments to implementing the road map.

Some firms performing well in ICD-10 assessments are not being used for other ICD-10 services. Advisory Board and Aspen Advisors both have very happy assessment customers, though no providers are planning to use them in areas such as PMO or testing work.

depth and breadth of icd 10 services offered



Offers wide range of ICD-10 services. Often used because of deep coding expertise. Second-highest on-site training score and above-average assessment score. Solid eLearning performance but noticeably lower than Precyse’s. Does limited implementation/PMO and testing work. Some feel 3M is comparatively pricey. Many small projects.


Highest overall ICD-10 consulting performance score. Most work in assessments/road maps, where they tied for top rating by delivering on pricing, communication, and deliverables. Limited EMR product knowledge and could give better implementation recommendations. Most-considered firm for on-site physician training.


Second-highest overall ICD-10 consulting performance score. Most projects are single consultant, low dollar. All work measured in this research is for ICD-10 assessment engagements, where Aspen Advisors scores above market average. Strong in IT, not strong HIM/coding expertise. Reasonable pricing, high value.


Provides ICD-10 assessments, physician and other onsite training, and some implementation/PMO work. Scores below average for assessment, training, and overall performance due to disappointing consultants or not meeting expectations. Happy clients liked Dell Services’ healthcare experience, flexibility, and detailed deliverables.


Overall ICD-10 consulting performance score in middle of pack; however, tied for highest assessment score and highest for large implementation/ PMO work. Doing some of the largest ICD-10 projects in the industry. Chosen because of strong expertise, tools and methodology, sales presentation, and reputation. Strong payer practice, clinical, and revenue cycle expertise. Follow-up slower than expected for some.


Above-average overall ICD-10 consulting performance score. Broad abilities with assessments, testing, implementations, and on-site training. High-quality enterprise-wide implementation/PMO work; assessment and on-site training scores are average. Seen as expensive but structured, organized. Not strong on the physician side; had some turnover.


Doing mostly implementation (above-average ratings) and assessment (below-average ratings) work. Implementation engagements generally smaller in scope and mostly involve project managers. Has competitive pricing, strong IT and healthcare expertise, and capable resources. A couple of clients didn’t get the value expected from their engagements.


Garners high on-site training, implementation, and assessment marks. Talented on-site resources with strong communication for most clients. Scores significantly below average in contracting; multiple providers reported issues. Has strong coding expertise, and pricing is competitive. Provides a number of coding solutions, including CAC and CDI.


Had more large ICD-10 implementation/PMO engagements in this research than any other firm; scored above average. Strong assessment work has resulted in add-on business. Clients like proactiveness and continuity of resources. Some say needs to become more flexible/customizable. Expertise in the provider and payer space.


Mostly doing assessments and some implementation work. Overall performance score and assessment score are below average. Clients praised them for professionalism, detail, and project plan/road map, but one client reported poor execution. Chosen by some for high-quality resources.


Lowest overall performance score and lowest assessment score. Competitive pricing; helped provider executives get on board. Provided mostly assessments and some implementation/testing work. Complaints of turnover, unclear roles/responsibilities, poor-value deliverables, and lack of knowledge of the customers’ environments. Resells eLearning from Precyse.

area of focus post icd 10


Serves only Cerner clients. Most engagements were assessments, with some implementation engagements ongoing. Resources are knowledgeable and assessments clear, but for some, expectations were not completely met. Several utilize and like their query tool, Interrogator.


Precyse University (eLearning) rated very highly for broad, comprehensive, and specialized training content. Some said implementation could have been better. Also provides on-site physician training, CDI technology and specialists, and outsourced coding.


Assists clients with assessments, testing, and large-scale implementation/PMO work. Praised for partnership, comprehensive ICD-10 project plans, and capable consultants and PMO resources. Turnover, lack of knowledge/expertise were challenges for some. Second-lowest overall performance score; however, more-recent engagements have been more positive than older engagements.


Does assessment, implementation, and testing. Clients give them near-perfect overall satisfaction scores; only one client felt their assessment was not very valuable. The others felt coding was a strength and that Hayes delivered high value at low cost.


author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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