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Medical Transcription Services Organizations (MTSO) 2008

Medical Transcription Services Organizations (MTSO) 2008

June 30, 2008

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Provider organizations are faced with growing dictation volumes, a shrinking transcription labor force, and rising costs. As a result, many providers are choosing to outsource some or all of their transcription work to medical transcription services organizations (MTSOs).

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There are differences among MTSOs in the technology and tools, the services provided and the price points. The lines are blurring between speech recognition vendors and traditional transcription service vendors as product offerings become more vertical and well-rounded.

KLAS interviewed more than 400 healthcare providers for this third annual Medical Transcription Services Organizations study.

Professional services vendors qualifying for ranking in this 425 page report were Acusis, CBay, DTS America, Encompass, Focus Infomatics, Heartland, MedQuist, Spheris, SPi, Sten-Tel, Superior Global, Transcend, and TransTech.

Early findings were also included for AssistMed.

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