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Healthcare Operations Command Center Ecosystem 2021

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Operational Command Centers 2018 Operational Command Centers 2018
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Operational Command Centers 2018
An Underutilized Approach to Improving Efficiency and Outcomes

author - Tanya Egbert
Tanya Egbert
author - Emily Paxman
Emily Paxman
December 18, 2018 | Read Time: 3  minutes

While the term “command center” may conjure up images of NASA’s mission control or a highly sophisticated military operation, command centers also have a place in healthcare. Though few US hospitals or health systems are currently live with a command center, healthcare organizations have recently begun to reimagine this centralized approach to operations. The early consensus? Command centers can drive significant outcomes—including improved efficiency, increased revenue, and enhanced patient safety and satisfaction. Given these reported benefits, your organization may be wondering:

• What is a command center, and what technology/departments are typically involved?

• What specific outcomes are being achieved?

• How do the vendors differ in their approach to command centers and in their contributions to customer success?

• What best practices would organizations with live command centers recommend to their peers?

To answer these questions, KLAS asked command center vendors to point us toward their most innovative and forward-thinking customers. We then randomly interviewed three or four customers for each (24 organizations in total) to gather insights into this underutilized operational approach.

should you invest in building a command center

what is an operational command center 2

command centers drive substantial operational and financial gains 2
reported outcomes vs vendor contributions

Vendor Involvement Key to Achieving Outcomes: TeleTracking, Care Logistics, & GE Healthcare Stand Apart

Organizations that receive strong vendor guidance are more likely to achieve positive outcomes. TeleTracking customers note that guidance from the vendor’s high-caliber personnel is particularly helpful in producing financial improvements, especially reduced length of stay and improved revenue. Care Logistics—whose customers report particularly strong improvements in data transparency—emphasizes that good technology, while important, is secondary to building solid processes, good governance, and relationships among stakeholders. Excelling at change management, GE Healthcare provides detailed project management and works with involved departments to define roles and gain buy-in. Key outcomes reported by customers include improved patient flow.

The EMR vendors in this report have not engaged as deeply. Cerner in particular does not provide the level of guidance needed. Customers note gaps in analytics-related outcomes, specifically with accuracy and reporting. Epic’s involvement tends to be reactive, and some customers report lacking financial outcomes.

Central Logic and Change Healthcare have not consistently demonstrated a strong ability to partner with or guide their customers, resulting in gaps in financial outcomes and analytics outcomes, respectively.

what outcomes have been validated

Technology Contributions Weaker from Cerner and Central Logic

Having good technology is important, but having a vendor who helps you fully leverage or implement that technology increases your chances of success. Interviewed Cerner customers that have been live for a year or more don’t feel they have received much help beyond getting the system live and have yet to see significant efforts around data transparency, data aggregation, or predictive analytics. Similarly, Central Logic customers feel their vendor’s main technology contribution has been providing software. Some report efforts from Central Logic to improve data transparency. More help with integration is needed.

customer reported areas of vendor strength

Though reporting and real-time data are significant gaps across the industry, Care Logistics, GE Healthcare, and TeleTracking have leveraged strong partnerships with customers to see initial success in these areas. However, reporting was not mentioned as a strength by all interviewed customers of any one vendor, and this is the next piece customers need to optimize outcomes and further improve ROIs.

GE Healthcare and TeleTracking Most Consistent in Providing Real-Time Data and Predictive Analytics

real time data and predictive analytics

The level of access organizations have to real-time data and predictive analytics significantly impacts the type of outcomes they achieve as well as how often they achieve them. While some organizations have seen some success, all interviewed organizations report a desire for more real-time data and predictive analytics. Even Cerner and Epic, who have built out some of these pieces, are required to integrate with third-party systems in many cases (e.g., RTLS hardware)

GE Healthcare’s Wall of Analytics includes predictive and real-time data that customers describe as a unique way to see and understand the data. The accessibility of this data as well as its actionable nature contribute to GE Healthcare customers’ higher-than-average number of outcomes. TeleTracking has a good analytics platform and some of the strongest software solutions in the industry for providing real-time visibility, and customers’ outcome levels are the highest in this report. Change Healthcare stands out for providing real-time data. Their command center customers are tied into many of Change Healthcare’s other technologies (e.g., scheduling and patient flow solutions) that provide good data visibility. However, these customers report the fewest predictive analytics use cases.

author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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