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Optimization Services 2016 Optimization Services 2016
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Optimization Services 2016
Driving Outcomes from Implementation to Performance Improvement

author - Lois Krotz
Lois Krotz
August 23, 2016 | Read Time: 3  minutes

As the first wave of HIT system implementations ends, providers who find that their systems are not delivering maximum value often turn to consulting firms to optimize these systems through process, workflow, and application improvement. This report discusses which firms are making the biggest impact, how well the firms enhance workflows and applications, and what types of optimization services they offer.

1. Nordic and PwC Have Significant Positive Impact on Efficiency, Clinical and Financial Outcomes

who is driving efficiency and outcomes

When providers engage firms, they typically want the highest impact to be on their efficiency and bottom line. Clients say Nordic's expertise with Epic applications allows them to significantly improve workflow efficiency. PwC stands out for the quality and actionable nature of their recommendations, which lead to improved operational efficiency and increased cash flow. Clients are satisfied with Huron overall, and many have seen cost savings from process-improvement work; however, Huron's impact on system improvement falls below expectations and is an area for improvement. Chartis' impact on clinical workflows and applications varies, due to inconsistent methodology and consultant quality.

Does impact correlate to performance of workflow and application improvement? See page 22 of Drill Deeper.

2. Falcon, Jacobus Stand Out for Workflow Refinement; Nordic, Navigant (McKinnis) for Application Enhancement

Optimization engagements often involve strategic workflow tweaks or application configurations. Clients say Falcon Consulting takes an innovative approach to workflow refinement, demonstrating the ability to solve complex operational and technical issues. Jacobus Consulting stands out for hands-on client engagement during workflow refinements; they train clients to assess

and solve problems independently. Nordic and Navigant customers appreciate these firms' Epic knowledge, which they leverage to improve functionality and configure the system to increase efficiency. Most of Impact Advisors' clients report that engagements are valuable, but some clients feel the firm did not deliver on the expectations they set and failed to identify key system gaps.

workflow improvement and application enhancement

3. Falcon's Strong Methodology and Leadership Drive Satisfaction; Leidos Fails to Consistently Meet Expectations

overall performance and firm dna

Falcon Consulting achieves high client satisfaction in small and medium Epic revenue cycle optimization engagements, with clients reporting that the firm brings a strong strategic vision and goals-oriented methodology to the table. Some Leidos Health customers feel clinical optimization expectations weren't met due to challenges around execution, methodology, and gaps in project leadership. The few clients who use Dell Services say the firm is not deeply involved with customers and lacks strategic guidance, despite their positive impact on clinical process standardization. In a high-performing market, Nordic, Sagacious Consultants, Chartis Group, and Deloitte distinguish themselves by offering extensive services in both clinical and financial optimization.

  • Clinically Focused – Majority of jobs are clinical (>35% of responding organizations did clinical only optimizations)
  • Revenue Cycle Focused – Majority of jobs are revenue cycle (>35% of responding organizations did revenue cycle only optimizations)
  • Experienced in Both Clinical and Revenue Cycle (>35% of responding organizations used firm for clinical optimizations and >35% of responding organizations used firm for revenue cycle optimizations)

4. PwC: Broadest Financial Experience; Impact Advisors and Leidos: Deepest Clinical Experience

performance by specialty

Revenue cycle-focused optimization firms use process improvement to deliver value to providers in a short amount of time. PwC has a strong vendor-agnostic methodology for performance improvement, and clients say strong consultant knowledge of multiple systems leads to improved workflows and enhanced applications. Huron and Falcon Consulting clients report high satisfaction and say consultant knowledge drives financial process improvement.

Clinical optimization work performed by consultants is less prevalent today than revenue cycle work. Impact Advisors stands out for strong application customization. Leidos Health has slightly lower satisfaction than Impact Advisors, in part due to unmet expectations for the impact of their clinical optimization work. Chartis Group customers leverage their firm's experience with a variety of EMRs to standardize practices.

author - Emily Paxman
Emily Paxman
author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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