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Patient Intake Management 2018 Patient Intake Management 2018
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Patient Intake Management 2018
Solutions for a More Efficient Practice

author - Aaron Gleave
Aaron Gleave
author - Alex McIntosh
Alex McIntosh
June 26, 2018 | Read Time: 3  minutes

How often do patients have to fill out a form like the one below, submitting the same information over and over again—information that clinic employees must then spend time reviewing and transcribing into patient records? Patient intake management solutions offer a potential remedy to this inefficient process as they can drastically reduce the churn, duplication, and storage requirements that accompany traditional paper forms. In addition to increasing efficiency, improving data capture, and boosting patient satisfaction, these solutions can also create a foundation for patient engagement programs and can have direct financial impacts. Which solutions best help ambulatory practices as they seek to automate processes, improve quality of care, increase efficiency, and drive patient satisfaction?

patient registration form

Phreesia Has Broadest Functionality Adoption and Most Extensive Integration Capabilities

Nearly 60% of respondents report that their patient intake management solution helps their practice be more efficient, focus better on the patient experience, and eliminate some of the overhead associated with processing patient questionnaires and managing patient check-in. Those using Phreesia report extensive use of the solution’s broad functionality and also report integration with the highest number of EMRs. The solution frees up front-office personnel to manage other duties, leading to better ROIs.

customer adoption of patient intake management functionalities

customer validated emr integration

OTech Group Stands Out for Product Quality and Customer Relationships

Provider organizations using OTech Group appreciate the vendor’s high-quality, partnering relationships as well as the stable, highly developed technology, which allows practices to increase efficiency, deliver higher-quality care, and better engage with patients. Phreesia, though larger than other vendors in this study, still delivers valuable relationships and a stable product. Feedback from the small sample of GetWellNetwork customers shows issues with both customer relationships and product quality—users say they need eCashier functionality and better preregistration capabilities.

product vs relationship

Phreesia’s Dynamic-Question Capabilities Drive High Satisfaction

Among the fully rated vendors, Phreesia has the highest percentage of customers who are satisfied with their ability to customize check-in questions. All interviewed Phreesia customers that are using the functionality report satisfaction, a main driver being the ability customers have to customize questions based on their reporting needs and on a patient’s age, gender, purpose of visit, and answers to previous questions. Customers of OTech Group, GetWellNetwork, and Tonic Health are also highly pleased with the results of their question customization. One-third of Epion Health customers that use their vendor’s question automation are unsatisfied and feel it does not meet their expectations.

provider satisfaction with automatic question customization

OTech Group’s Discrete Integration Allows for Better Patient Engagement

Though primarily using NextGen Healthcare EMR/PM solutions, 40% of interviewed OTech Group customers shared unprompted examples of how the vendor’s discrete integration has allowed their front-office personnel to focus less on transcribing patient responses into the EMR or PM solutions and more on improving patient engagement and the patient experience. Feedback from the small sample of AdvancedMD customers shows a split between the types of integration customers have been able to achieve—customers who also use AdvancedMD’s EMR or PM solutions report better, more discrete integration; those using EMRs from other vendors inform KLAS that full discrete integration between AdvancedPatient and their EMR has not yet been established.

vendor supports integration goals
author - Jess Wallace-Simpson
Jess Wallace-Simpson
author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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