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RIS in the Middle RIS in the Middle
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RIS in the Middle
The Integration Tug of War

August 9, 2010

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Purchase decisions for radiology information systems (RIS) are being made in broader clinical and IT contexts. One director noted, “McKesson Horizon Radiology Manager made our short list of RIS solutions when we were looking because of the strength of the McKesson PACS we currently have.” A provider’s IT strategy, whether in PACS or EMR, will often dictate the mix of vendors invited to the table.

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RIS decisions are being pulled in three different directions depending on what’s more important: an integrated RIS/EMR strategy where data is housed on a common clinical platform, an integrated RIS/PACS for the imaging department, or a feature rich standalone RIS solution capable of being implemented and interfaced within the existing environment. Clients at the large end of the market, with larger hospitals and IDNs, tend to make decisions in favor of their clinical vendor. Community hospitals and ambulatory organizations, however, are very much a mix of standalone solutions, integrated RIS/PACS, and integrated RIS/EMR. KLAS interviewed 642 provider organizations for a fresh look at the RIS market. This report focuses on three demographics: large hospitals with more than 200 beds, community hospitals with 200 or fewer beds, and ambulatory organizations.

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