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Staying on Target with ERP Implementations Staying on Target with ERP Implementations
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Staying on Target with ERP Implementations
A Report on Healthcare Consulting Firms

June 29, 2009 | Read Time: 1  minute

Providers’ demands for today’s financial enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation services are significantly different from what they were just a few years ago. Projects are now smaller, the consultant’s role is less extensive, and the skill sets are more specialized. The landscape for this arena is changing as new modules are coming online and the definition of financial ERP is expanding. Some consulting firms have adapted and excelled, while the software vendors have struggled to adapt their approaches and to deliver the needed expertise.

The choice of which firm to use for assistance is really a choice of a partner. Providers want someone who not only has the necessary skills for the job, but they also want someone they like to be around and, most importantly, someone who is committed to their success. Providers are asking, besides my ERP vendor, who is providing ERP services? Am I better off going with a consulting firm or with the vendor? Does the consulting firm I am considering have the experience and expertise I need? Who are the top performers and why? What are the keys to a successful engagement? Can I get the performance I expect at a lower price? The demand for answers to these and other related questions led to this study on ERP implementation services.

Since 2004, KLAS has been monitoring and reporting on vendors that implement financial ERP systems. Research for this report is the result of detailed interviews with 59 providers.

As in other industries, healthcare has been slow to affirm ERP’s success. Complexity and a lack of training and understanding have led to these systems being under-installed and under-utilized. This brings us to today, where firms have been contracted to assist with implementing ERP software from Lawson, Oracle, McKesson, and Meditech.

author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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