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Value-Based Care Managed Services 2017 Value-Based Care Managed Services 2017
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Value-Based Care Managed Services 2017
Achieving Outcomes Through Technology-Enabled Services

author - Warren Whitford
Warren Whitford
author - Lois Krotz
Lois Krotz
December 19, 2017 | Read Time: 3  minutes

As more healthcare organizations make the jump to value-based care, VBC managed services firms are being leveraged to help. KLAS interviewed 52 unique organizations to gather feedback on how well their VBC managed services firm helps them achieve outcomes and also on these firms’ trending performance, ability to partner, and delivery across VBC competencies. Additionally, this report provides insights on whether firms share financial risk and whether clients plan to expand or reduce their current level of engagement. Below is a framework for understanding the types of services offered by each VBC managed services firm.

Value-Based Care Framework

value based care framework

vbc managed services overall performance trend 2015 2017

customers that consider firm to be a partner

1. Lumeris Top Performer Three Years in a Row; Evolent Health’s Performance Declines, Yet Partner Approach Still Sticks

Lumeris customers are the most satisfied, due to their firm’s ability to help them navigate complex change management and achieve their desired outcomes. 91% of Evolent Health customers view the firm as a true partner, and many praise Evolent’s hands-on training and strategic expertise. That said, Evolent Health clients are significantly less satisfied than they were a year ago. They explain that Evolent struggles to execute on strategic plans due to strained staff and unmet expectations. Evolent’s most unsatisfied customers are those that were previously with Valence; they say Evolent has not supported the legacy Vision platform. Evolent’s core customers are also less satisfied, reporting that sales representatives overpromise regarding Identifi’s functionality and the experience level of Evolent’s managed services staff.

a note on optum and aetna

financial and clinical outcomes 2016 vs 2017

2. Arcadia’s VBC Technology Bolsters Analytics Services to Help Clients Achieve Outcomes

Compared to last year’s research, more organizations report achieving the VBC outcomes they expect, with Arcadia clients reporting significant improvement in how well their firm helps them achieve clinical and financial outcomes. This change is due primarily to Arcadia’s enhanced VBC platform, which gives detailed insights into how clients can improve outcomes. All interviewed Arcadia customers view their firm as a partner, and many say Arcadia encourages collaboration and tailors their approach to each engagement. Lumeris’ overall performance has remained fairly consistent; their resources are able to share best practices gleaned from their expertise in payer environments and care management. Growing pains have contributed to a slight decline in clients’ ability to achieve outcomes.

3. Lumeris Satisfies across All VBC Pillars; Conifer's Consulting and Technology Struggle

With consultants that help create and execute customized VBC-transformation plans and with intuitive technology that offers strong EMR integration, Lumeris satisfies across the board. Additionally, Lumeris’ administrative staff analyzes clients’ costs and utilization to identify opportunities for improvement. Conifer Health Solutions excels at care management thanks to the technical expertise of their nurses. Their clients are frustrated by cumbersome technology ___ and limited reporting functionality. Furthermore, Conifer Health Solutions is the firm with the smallest percentage of customers that describe them as a partner; clients explain that overcommitted resources are slow to respond to questions and service requests.

improvement in the five pillars of vbc 2016 vs 2017

4. Premier, Health Catalyst Adapt to Needs; Citra Health Solutions' Nurse Staff Helps Clients Achieve Outcomes

Of the focused firms, Premier and Health Catalyst satisfy customers best, by fostering strong partnerships that include a willingness to collaborate and to adapt to customers’ needs. Premier consultants stay up to date on policy changes; Health Catalyst’s technology offers detailed insights into patient populations. Citra Health Solutions helps clients achieve financial and clinical outcomes by offering attentive, after-hours triage nurses who can answer patient calls and help reduce the strain on staff members. xG Health customers report the most struggles, citing inconsistent resource expertise and difficulty generating useful reports.

satisfaction with vbc managed services focused firms
a note on athenahealth change healthcare and truven health
author - Natalie Jamison
Natalie Jamison
author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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