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Worksite Health Services 2018

Worksite Health Services 2018
A First Look at Firms’ Performance

Authored by: Joe VanDeGraaff and Lois Krotz August 16, 2018 | Read Time: 8  minutes

In the field of worksite health services—here defined by KLAS as employer-sponsored healthcare delivery and prevention services done at or near the employer worksite—options abound when it comes to selecting a firm. How can employer organizations ensure they pick the firm that best meets their needs? Which firms deliver the best worksite health services experience to employer organizations? Based on feedback from 86 employer organizations, this report goes beyond KLAS’ previous research—“Worksite Health Services 2018: Market Introduction and Vendor Guide,” in which worksite health services firms were identified and a market framework was established—to give deeper insight into why specific firms are chosen and how they perform.

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Key Findings

  1. How Do Employer Organizations Choose a Firm?
  2. Firm Transparency, Geographical Reach, and Customer Sizing
  3. Customer Usage of Firms' Worksite Health Services Offerings
  4. Premise Health Leading Choice for Complex, Large Organizations; CareHere Excels with Midsize Customers
  5. QuadMed Customers Disenchanted by Staff & Tool Challenges; Reporting a Stumbling Block for Otherwise Satisfied Vera Customers
  6. Activate's Hands-On Approach and Marathon's Standout Culture Drive High Value & Satisfaction
  7. Well-Known Cerner Not Well Known in Worksite Health; Paladina Underconsidered?
  8. Industry Seeks Innovation: OurHealth, One Medical, Crossover Mentioned
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