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314e's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Remote Epic services
Remote application management, analytics, integration, and security support for Epic customers

Remote Application Management (Build) Support: 314e can provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 Epic application support for all Epic modules. Our model is SLA driven with risk sharing and skin in the game with noncompliance penalties. Our model also is based on superior application of ITIL methodology to create a solid IT support culture and a mind-set of continuous learning and improvement. Our team handles service desk tickets and tasks that are assigned for day-to-day maintenance and support, while the hospital staff focuses on key projects and initiatives.

Remote Analytics Support: Our team of remote resources can help with all aspects of the Epic reporting and analytics stack, including Reporting Workbench, Clarity Report Writing, BusinessObjects Server Administration, Clarity Caboodle ETL Administration, SlicerDicer, Radar, Tableau, Qlik Dashboard creation, and getting third party data into Caboodle.

Remote Integration Support: 314e’s team of remote resources can help with interface (Cloverleaf, HealthShare, Rhapsody, Mirth) maintenance and support as well as migration from a legacy to a new interface engine. We can help develop all interfaces in and out of Epic in the interface engine as well as in Epic Bridges. Our team can help with data archival and retiring legacy systems while keeping data for medical, legal, and other reasons and making thee data accessible from Epic. We can help with data conversion from legacy systems to Epic using HL7, CCD (Patient Abstractor), and Chronicles imports. Our programmers can write code to extract data from existing systems, massage the data, convert it to HL7, and send it to Epic Bridges for filing into Epic.

Remote Epic Security Support: 314e has extensive expertise with security in Epic and role-based access control including:

  • Streamlining process for security build in Epic
  • Steady state maintenance of EMP and SER master files
  • Role-based access control to Epic
  • Integration of service desk software like ServiceNow with Epic for user provisioning and other needs
  • SSO software selection and implementation

Virtual training and eLearning
Virtual classroom training, microlearning support videos, and eLearning content development

  • Virtual Training: 314e provides virtual classroom training using our Credentialed Trainers and moderators to provide virtual, synchronous, instructor-led training. The moderator manages the chat room, helps students with any technology issues, performs roll call, and runs the virtual training tools while the CT focuses on the instruction of the class.
  • Digital Training Support: 314e provides asynchronous training by creating microlearning support videos from classroom recordings that are available for end users. These microlearning support videos also help during the go-live and personalization to reduce the need for at-the-elbow resources. 314e also provides secure streaming video hosting services for microlearning videos and can embed search links in your Epic application (314e is an Epic App Orchard developer). In addition, 314e can help establish messaging and communication technologies that provide additional support channels for your staff where students can post questions about the training and get answers in the flow of work.
  • Rapid eLearning: 314e has extensive expertise with eLearning content development using Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and other tools. Our team members are experts at adult learning methodology and design highly engaging, hands-on learning experiences. These methodologies are a very effective way for preparing providers and other staff members to stay proficient for all phases of your Epic life cycle from go-live to new-employee onboarding, upgrades, and ongoing continuing education.

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