Care Logistics


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Care Logistics's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Capacity management solutions
Maximize capacity and throughput so your organization experiences fewer bed shortages and has visibility to know where you can send patients

We recognize the COVID-19 outbreak has the potential to result in an unprecedented need for additional hospital beds and increased capacity due to the large influx of patients. We offer solutions of all sizes to meet the specific bed capacity and throughput challenges of your organization including:

  • Process-only throughput and care coordination consulting.
  • Nursing-unit patient progression solutions to ensure all patients progress toward a safe and timely discharge for their condition.
  • Service coordination models and software to manage the simultaneous demand for diagnostic and procedural resources.
  • Transfer Center solutions to efficiently manage outside admissions and transfers.
  • Full Operational Command Center solutions to coordinate bed placement, transport, and EVS to deliver efficient patient flow and throughput across the organization.

Each solution is delivered by teams of experienced healthcare process engineers and seasoned, masters-trained nursing leaders who partner with your team to design the right-sized solution for your organization. We’ll do the heavy lifting. Our process-first approach means improvements in flow and increased bed capacity occur quickly. With the right process in place, purpose-built software tools can then complement process improvements, hardwiring them in place so they are consistent and sustainable across your organization into the future.

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