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Carium's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Cloud-based software platform
Manage patients remotely via telehealth using your own staff

Carium’s flexible cloud-based software platform enables healthcare providers nationwide to manage all of their patients remotely via telehealth, whether they are infected with COVID-19, not infected, or not sure.

Our platform interviews patients and triages them automatically toward appropriate resources, all from the relative safety of home, which minimizes exposure to COVID-19 and saves valuable time. It’s quick and easy to get started. Patients just download our app onto their smartphones, and the only equipment providers need is an Internet browser—not even a VPN.

Unlike some services, Carium enables healthcare organizations to continue to care for their patients using their own staff through technology, rather than outsourcing their business. Our automated system helps our customers to personalize their care, so their patients feel understood, supported, and secure knowing they can connect directly with caregivers when they need to.

Beyond the immediate demands of COVID-19, the Carium platform sets healthcare providers up for long-term success.

  • Our video, voice, and text services are augmented by real-time data from digital devices & wearables
  • Analytics dashboards enable population health management
  • We tie multiple apps, tools, and functions together to create a seamless, engaging experience for both patients and providers
  • Our platform was designed to be flexible, so we can help customers to quickly adapt it to meet their unique and evolving needs

Carium’s platform has an 85% patient retention rate. Providers who use the platform report that Carium contributes to better communication with patients and that patients experience greater peace of mind, self-management, health outcomes, and overall experience of healthcare. Carium is ready to help healthcare organizations in managing COVID-19 and beyond.

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