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CenTrak's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Automated patient room and staff assignments via command center and capacity management solutions; environmental monitoring to prevent spread of infection

Patient Capacity Management

One of the biggest issues we face is the overcrowding of healthcare facilities. Hospitals in Italy are running out of ventilators and doctors and nurses are being overworked and becoming sick. Healthcare facilities and providers are being challenged to treat not only those who have been diagnosed with the novel disease but those with other health conditions as well. Enterprise Location Services combined with command center and capacity management solutions allow for patient room and staff assignments to be automated, reducing wait times and crowding throughout the hospital. The system also communicates bed status automatically, allowing another patient to be treated swiftly. Decreasing wait times and length of stay lowers the risk that a patient will develop a hospital acquired infection and increases the facility’s capacity to treat infected patients efficiently and safely.

Environmental Monitoring

CenTrak’s wireless temperature and environmental monitoring solution provides healthcare facilities with the ability to leverage one network to ensure all departments meet compliance standards, prevent product loss, and ensure patient rooms have the correct air pressure for preventing the spread of infections. Recording and tracking data remotely eliminates the need for manual processes, enabling greater staff efficiency. With CenTrak’s IoT sensing solution, facilities can protect important aseptic equipment. Proper disinfection during sterile processing procedures is essential to keeping critical healthcare assets and instruments germ free and safe for patient use. Differential Air Pressure monitoring is extremely important in the case of an airborne pathogen like COVID-19. Maintaining the proper air pressure and flow in a COVID-19 patient’s room is necessary for controlling the infection—for example, ensuring that all airflow is inbound to the patient room to eliminate exposure risk in the rest of the facility. This improves patient safety as real-time alerts are sent when air pressure measurements are sensed above or below the set parameters. Maintaining proper temperature conditions is also essential to ensuring that vaccines are safe for patient use. Hospitals will want to guarantee the safekeeping of the expensive, in-demand vaccine or experimental treatments available. Automated environmental monitoring allows staff to take immediate action when storage conditions fall outside of safe temperatures.

Various tracking resources
Hand-hygiene compliance, patient locating/contact tracing, and asset management capabilities

Hand-Hygiene Compliance

With CenTrak’s hand-hygiene compliance monitoring, hospitals can ensure that doctors and nurses are following the proper protocols and not unknowingly spreading the virus. Electronic monitoring systems are the most effective and only passive method for increasing hand-hygiene compliance. The system does not take additional time out of an already busy healthcare worker’s day, and it is not subject to human error or manipulation. The hand-hygiene sensors are easily installed in battery-powered dispensers and mounted to manual dispensers, canisters, pumps, or sinks. After the sensors are installed, the staff badges communicate with the monitoring system and track compliance rates. Installing the system and tracking data on handwashing events helps to stop the spread of hospital-acquired infections, of which COVID-19 is included. When a patient acquires a disease in the hospital, that increases the length of the patient’s stay and the cost accrued by the hospital. This also takes equipment, beds, and providers away from patients who test positive for COVID-19. By installing the hand-hygiene compliance monitoring system, hospitals are saving time, money, and resources that can be dedicated to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Patient Locating and Contact Tracing

During this pandemic, it is extremely beneficial to be able to locate patients and staff in a timely matter. With CenTrak’s technology, hospitals are provided with clinical-grade location data. Our system allows hospitals to accurately track patients’ interactions with other patients, clinical staff, and facility equipment. Staff and patients wear “smart” badges, and tags are attached to the assets. The badges and tags communicate with the system and are able to accurately locate the assets positions. If someone is presumed to be infected, the location data captured allows healthcare workers to see everyone and everything that person has come in contact with. The sooner the hospital staff can identify who was exposed, the less likely the disease can spread. The real-time-locating and sensingservices platform can also help keep the public safe. If a patient has been diagnosed with the novel disease and tries to leave the hospital, the healthcare providers are able to see that person approaching the exit. The hospital could also set the exit as a restricted zone and have the doors automatically lock if the patient gets too close. Being able to locate your patients and staff in an outbreak is almost a necessity in order to keep them healthy and safe. In the case of an emergency, the location system provides the positive benefit of being able to quickly and accurately locate the closest nurse or doctor. While location and sensing services in a time like this are important, it is also a future-proof system that can provide value and many benefits for years to come.

Medical Scope and Asset Management

Today’s healthcare facilities are facing increased patient volume due to COVID-19 along with their day-to-day patients that need care after an accident, heart attack, stroke, or even birth. To meet these increasing demands, they need to eliminate wasted steps and create a more streamlined workflow. Our Enterprise Location Services enables real-time tracking and security of medical equipment, staff, and patients. During this pandemic, the ability to track and manage the use of ventilators and other devices could mean the difference between life and death. The improved visibility provides the means for healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of infection, including COVID-19, reduce equipment shrinkage, and improve clinical workflow. This technology also allows healthcare facilities to track equipment-to-patient interactions and identify and distinguish which assets are clean and which are soiled. With the widespread outbreak of COVID-19, the risk of infection from medical scopes and other equipment is a very real and very scary possibility. If a patient is diagnosed with the virus, healthcare providers need to quickly find out what equipment he or she came in contact with so that it is properly sanitized before another use. It’s crucial for healthcare facilities to have the ability to track the storage, usage, and cleaning lifecycles of these devices, especially during a pandemic when fear and anxiety are elevated. CenTrak’s technology enables healthcare facilities to monitor medical assets to help contain outbreaks and ensure patient safety.

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